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  • We have an air fryer, which is a great alternative
  • To be honest, what ever fits in my schedule. I'm looking forward to my son starting school in a couple of months as I plan to go to the gym on my way home from work but before I pick him up from after school hours care 2 days a week. I'll also be working from home on Fridays and can go to the gym at a similar time before…
  • You can bake the thinn mountain breads and make them into chips. I sometimes brush with a tiny amount of oil and sprinkle spices on them for chilli chips. They only take a few minutes, so watch them so they don't burn Also popcorn, but I am partial to a pretzle
  • Water is important, but more so if you're doing keto, because your kidneys work harder on keto. I don't have a problem staying hydrated, but some times the water infusion bags are a nice alternative
  • I use endomondo to track my activity because it syncs with MFP. I notoced samsung caloroes burned never equates to endomondo calories burned, and i think its because endomondo can tell the gradient of the land that you're walking on, so it knoe when you're working harder and climbing, whereas I don't think samsung does…
  • The only think I really weight is my meat, and my chocolate. everything else I base on cup size / hand size portions.
  • darebee.com have an app. They're a free resource with a massive library of workouts you can search and filter on. They have challenges too. The app is bit glitchy - but I download the images of the work outs and follow them at the gym or at home
  • The food and fitness industries rely on your ignorance in order to market and sell products. Educate yourself on what you're eating, why you're eating, and how you're eating, and move more. You don't even need a gym membership or a subscription to a fitness app if you can't afford it.
  • 11kg is amazing! Be proud amd own it! That's a healthy and sustainable 0.5kg a week on average. I never liked WW, I prefer managing my self and being accountable to me. The idea of having to explin myself just annoyed me.
  • Nope. you might need to edit your privacy settings
  • Jesus can someone please talk in KG's so I can keep track :D Please remember that it takes about 3,500 burn to shift half a kg, which is around 1lb. that means you'd need a calorie deficit of 500 calories every day to achieve 1lb a week. also remember that if you're exercising, you will gain muscle. But muscle is less…
  • at the top of the 'community' page there's a section that says 'find members' you can search names there and add them as friends.
  • breastfeeding consumes between 300 and 500 calories from the mothers energy a day from feeding, so you need to eat the equivalent of that to keep your energy and supply up, but please consult you GP/OBGYN for your specific needs as it does vary depending on the child. My son at like he was twins! I was soooo frickin tired…
  • Weight loss and weight management are not just about what you put in your mouth and how many calories you burn, it's about your mental health as well. Realising that you're worth taking care of and worth putting first is tough mental shift, and it only becomes a permanent habit if you're consistent with it. I find keeping…
  • Just be consistent and realistic, it's easier to stay focused :smile: ... good luck!
  • Lots of fluids help, and having protein with every meal, as protein curbs hunger. Also learn about which fruits and veggies are more filling. for example, pineapple is a lot more filling than apple, for example. make some healthy snacks and have them on hand ;)
  • darebee.com is a fantastic free resource that lets you search and filter workouts based on what you're trying to achieve. I use it all the time. their database is vast and varied.
  • I wouldn't stress about it, it's not an exact science. As long as you create a calorie deficit, a few extra calories here or there won't make a massive difference. it take 3,500 calories to burn half a kg.
  • What motivates me to eat? Not wanting die generally does it. You have to eat, or you have a disorder. what you eat is more of an issue. Just make good choices. Talk to your partner about what you're trying to do. When my husband cooks, I insist on a smaller plate, but I still eat when he makes, just not the same quantity.
  • I'm set at 1275 a day, I manage fine, and I exercise 4 or 5 times a week. Maybe a day a week I eat up around 1500, but I don't worry too much because overall it evens out. It made me really think about what I was eating, and I tend to opt for filling foods and high protien foods to keep me feeling full. Drinking lots of…
  • Don't eat the kids leftovers! I have a 1.5yr old and I've started eating at the same time as him, and making him the same as me for lunch and dinner. So far he's eaten everything I've given him. Exercise is tricky for me because I have a bad leg atm. I've been poppinh H in his pram just before he's due a nap, and I walk…
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  • I log everything - even the crap I shouldn't eat. The calorie numbers can really put things into perspective, and more often than not it can motivate me to do better the next day. I never ever deliberately eat under my 1200 goal though. it's important not to under eat to keep your metabolism ticking over (so I read!), but…
  • Maybe my use of terms is off. I was meaning natural sugars that are in fruits and unprocessed foods as apposed to added sugars and sweeteners that you find in health foods or pre-packet foods.
  • I'm allowed 75g of carbs if I swap out a slice of bread - that's about 3 tablespoons, it doesn't look like a lot but you get used to it.
  • At the moment, it's knowing that it's the only time of the day that I get to myself. It's 'me' time, time out from work, my baby, my husband. It's something that lets me take care of myself, because I'm normally busying taking care of others or meeting other peoples needs. It's a stress relief. It makes me feel positive…
  • The issues is refined sugars and sugars that are present in processed foods. Naturally occurring sugars are fine in moderation.
  • weighing your food is a great way of realising just how much we over estimate our portion sizes. You could try a high protein no carb diet - it'll throw you in to ketosis and you'll burn more quicker - not really sustainable long term, and you have to drink LOTS of water. it's hard on the kidneys.
  • any clear spirit with either Soda Water & lime or tonic. I do love a NZ sav blanc, but wouldn't make a habit of them due to the sugar content.
  • It's really hard to do because everyone is made of different %'s of muscle and fat and bone density. There are some scales that can help you work it out, but only real way is a full body scan. I'm taking part in a study for a university here in Adelaide and part of it includes getting scanned every 4 months. I'm not sure…
  • I've had the app for a while but have only this last week gotten back into it. I'm 10 months post baby and have finally committed to getting fit and healthier again. I'm Adelaide SA, happy to have some MFP friends.