Samsung Health and Myfitnesspal, big calorie difference

I've lost about 1 kg (2.2lbs) per week since I started monitoring my calorie intake via the website (which I feel is a "safe" amount of weight to lose weekly) but about a week ago I decided to keep track via the Samsung Health app, and a week later I had lost 1.7 kg (3.7lbs) even though I have the Samsung app set to only lose 1 kg (2.2lbs).

As I compare Samsung Health and MyfitnessPal now, the first one says I'm over my calorie limit by 548 calories for today, but MyfitnessPal says I can eat 616 more calories today and will still have lost my specific unwanted weight by the time I weigh myself.

Can anyone explain to me why there's this difference?

(Btw, starting weight 105 kg (231.4lbs) and now 96.5 kg (212.7lbs)


  • cljurkiewicz
    cljurkiewicz Posts: 1 Member
    does one take into consideration your workouts whereas the other may not???
  • Montgomery29
    Montgomery29 Posts: 6 Member
    does one take into consideration your workouts whereas the other may not???

    That would make sense. I assume the Samsung one doesn't take that into consideration. Very annoying if that's the case.
  • misclaire81
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    I use endomondo to track my activity because it syncs with MFP. I notoced samsung caloroes burned never equates to endomondo calories burned, and i think its because endomondo can tell the gradient of the land that you're walking on, so it knoe when you're working harder and climbing, whereas I don't think samsung does that.
  • ItSnOtUrDaYoK
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    I use both apps successfully. Have you set them to sync your data? Also Samsung Health calculates your calloric needs differently. You need to make sure that you set your Samsung Health app up with the same macros as this one uses. IE. Calories, fat, carbs etc. Do this by percentages.
    Hope this helps.
  • neugebauer52
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    I would end up "frazzled pink" if I would start comparing different data, apps, equipment, tools, websites and what - have - you which I am sure are available by the thousands. It is claimed that You tube entries alone cover tens of thousands similar entries. So far I have been sticking to one source (MFP plus all those knowledgeable and supportive members). Over time I can see how accurate (or not!) my daily food input is. I would suggest that MFP is overestimating my exercise calories burned by about 20 to 25 % - or I am not trying hard enough, moving fast enough. There was an article somewhere that the "average" body could lose up to 600 calories a day in body weight with a weight restrictive meal plan. After 585 days and 44 kg weight loss I am rather close to that number. Anyone out there who has heard about that theory? Thank you.