hey now ~~ How do you motivate yourself to eat?

My partner is in charge of cooking, but they've developed such severe epincondyllitis that tonight after they've made their usual meat-heavy dinner, all they'll have strength for is to slap together a skimpy pbj and a couple wilted strawberries for my dinner. They sad the other day that we had plenty of good TJs food left, but I'm assuming that's for them, not me. since they rarely have time for our usual four-mile birding walks, it's best if i don't eat. 1059 calories is plenty for one day.


  • ElizabethKalmbach
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    I'm not really clear on what the specific issue is? Options of what to eat, low energy meal prep ideas, or how to fit in sufficient calories to support your activity level at whatever your weight is.

    In general, as an adult human who walks 4 miles a day, I'm fairly certain that you need to be eating more than 1000 calories/ day to support sufficient muscle mass and bone health.

    But I think that to be helpful, we need more detail about YOU, not your partner. :)
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    I'm really confused by your post. Tennis elbow, birding, TJ's, huh? 😞
  • misclaire81
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    What motivates me to eat? Not wanting die generally does it.

    You have to eat, or you have a disorder. what you eat is more of an issue. Just make good choices. Talk to your partner about what you're trying to do. When my husband cooks, I insist on a smaller plate, but I still eat when he makes, just not the same quantity.
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    What motivates me to eat... Same as above commenter... Not wanting to die.

    I had congestive heart failure from eating around 1100 daily... Almost died, now I eat 1500-2000 daily. I almost never dip below 1400.