Fitness apps?

Hi all. Are there any workout apps you can recommend for simple, guided workouts at home? Any ideas (or friend requests!) welcome. :)


  • nk9o
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    This web site supports many apps to try.
  • wareing25
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    I started using the Jillian Michaels app a couple of weeks ago. I have done seven workouts of the transform 90 plan so far and am really enjoying it. There are loads of plans to choose from our you can create your own, the dialogue isn't repetitive, each workout is different, you can swap exercises you don't like out, you can play your own music app, you grade the difficulty of each workout so the next one will be modified to suit. Only downside is the expense! $70 for the year. I think it's worth it though as I quickly get bored of dvds with the same routines day in day out.
  • Spencerport
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    Nike Training Club has worked well for me. Also YouTube has a ton of different types of exercise videos. Yoga with Adrienne comes to mind.
  • MelanieCN77
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    Youtube has tons, Millionaire Hoy has a good variety that I found for doing like in a hotel room with no equipment, but many others. Yoga with Adriene is awesome, also recommend that.

    For a minute I had a subscription to Daily Burn for aerobic and HIIT type workouts to do at home. I think it's $10 a month. I also have some old Beachbody DVDs from back before they were the weirdness they are now, they add some variety on days I'm just over running or the gym.

    You could really put together a collection on YouTube easily though, just make a folder or whatever they call it and add anything you see that you like. If you enjoy it, then it'll be good for you.
  • Workout for Women might be suited for you. It's free and simple. Tried it myself and I loved it :)
  • misclaire81
    misclaire81 Posts: 33 Member have an app. They're a free resource with a massive library of workouts you can search and filter on. They have challenges too. The app is bit glitchy - but I download the images of the work outs and follow them at the gym or at home
  • mindywp1
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    I enjoy the Leslie Sansone Walk at Home app.