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  • I am several inches shorter than you and weigh quite a bit less, and I average close to 1600 calories a day for weight loss, sometimes more with exercise. If you are logging accurately, I am SUPER confident that you can and should bump your calories up!! I wish you the best on your journey to a healthy mind, soul, and body…
  • Weight lifting is good for your health and for your physique! It is great for bone density, retaining lean muscle mass while losing, and building a better body shape.
  • Yup, ~500 was my original guess also
  • If I want something, I eat it. I just realize that my losses wont be as high for the week/month. At this point, I am ecstatic to lose a pound or so a month. I have no reason to put a timeline on myself. Also, I really don't like the word "cheat" or saying Im "on a diet". This is my lifestyle, and I'm trying to build a…
  • I got mine out two weeks ago. The first day, I had a large chocolate shake from McDonald's and a large strawberry banana smoothie from Smoothie King haha. The first week, I survived on easy mac, mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs, avocado, milk, greek yogurt, pudding, and ice cream. It sucked not being able to get my regular…
  • I'd also recommend looking at the subreddit r/Fitness. There is a lot of great information there.
  • Dont be nervous, 90% of people are focused on their workout and literally are not paying you any mind :) do your thing, practice will help ease the anxiety. Aa far as height and machines, try out dumbells and barbells, they work more stabilizing muscles and are the preferred route for many exercises
  • Bank calories in advance and look at a nutrition menu online if it is a chain. I like to go for a wrap with grilled chicken, remove the cheese that comes in it, and put any dressings on the side. Grilled over fried, and dressings/sauces on the side. Sometimes I switch the fries out for steamed veggies, and sometimes I keep…
  • Exactly same for me... I thought 154 would be goal. No. Then 144. No My trend weightis at 140, and I still dont think I'm done. Maybe another 5-10 pounds :)
  • About a year's difference
  • This was done slowly while in a deficit. ~35 pounds loss while weight lifting as main form of exercise
  • Weight training really will help with back fat :) I still have some by my arm pits, but the weights have helped everywhere else :) (not sure how to upload pics?)
  • I'm 5'5. SW 174 at the end of June. Weight lifted as my main form of exercise throughout. CW as of today is 137, and my trend-weight is 140. Now I'm focusing on a slow recomp with a slight deficit. Might try to lose another 5 pounds or so.
  • I also have issues doing barbell squats, so for now I do sumo squats/ goblets. When I am at home I practice holding a standard, below parallel squat while holding on to my kitchen counter (which is similar to when people are suggesting to use TRX bands). Slow progress is still progress, and for me, I think it is a…
  • I think that is something that you will need to expirement with and research to see what works best for you (satiety, energy levels, etc). Side note: I havent looked at your diary, but from your description, it seems like your fat goal is pretty low. I am female and ~140 pounds and I eat more than 40 grams of fat a day.
  • It is normal for your rate of loss to slow. Continue to weigh and log your food, and if the trend continues that you are not losing as much, consider adding more activity or lowering your calories by 100 a day or so.
  • Hi, did not mean to decline your request. Send another, if you would like :)
  • 2 scrambled eggs, a quarter of a mashed avocado, and black coffee
  • Weight training is awesome! Makes you look and feel so much better :) Dont be afraid, just start small and go for it!
  • Just got my wisdom teeth extracted, and Ive been living on scrambled eggs with avocado, greek yogurt, soup, mashed potatoes, easy mac, and ice cream. It really isnt fun lol I miss my meat and crunchy veggies
  • Lol, I rather enjoy my GMOs, thank you ;) But then again, I'm not one for following fads or blowing money on products I dont need. Go back to bothering your Facebook friends to buying silly products. Stay here if you actually want to learn to control weight and improve health in the long term. :)
  • Im 142 (SW 174) 5'5, and I eat minimum 1400 calories a day. Usually closer to 1500-1700. But I am fairly active, and I am also at the point where I'm aiming for slow loss with sustainable habits. For me, 1250 calories would not be sustainable in the long run.
  • Agreed. There is no need to set yourself up with an arbitrary timeline. At the end of June 2015 I was 174, not much higher than where you're starting. Now, at the end of April, I am sitting at 143. Is that super fast weight-loss? No. Is it reasonable? Yes. Make small goals for yourself and take it one day at a time. Most…
  • Food scale. I found mine by searching on Amazon. Its white, plastic, and cost about $8, and has a circle surface to put your food/plate/bowl. I love it! An important thing to look for is having an easy to use tare function and easy to use unit converter, on the FRONT of the scale. I originally bought a stainless steel food…
  • The replacement/ reduction method is what I was going to suggest. Just keep at it, and dont beat yourself up about it. Small progress > no progress. Even cutting down on two sodas a week is improvement! Speaking as a fellow dr. Pepper lover :) have you considered buying those cute little mini cans that come in packs? Much…
  • I enjoy weigh-ing out a serving of store-brand neopolitan ice cream ( or 1.5 servings if I have the cals) and adding a few glugs of skim-milk (<.5 cup) and mixing it up with my spoon real good. Not as glamerous as a store bought shake, but hits the spot for ~200 calories.
  • Hi Annie! Good luck! Make sure to take the time to read the stickied threads at the top of the forums :) Take things slow and work on making lifestyle changes and you will be good! Also, I would highly recommend purchasing a food scale, as you will read on the stickies. I got a digital one for ~ $8 on Amazon and it has…
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