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Hi everyone !

I am looking to buy a body scale and a food scale. Any recommendations? Do you believe the body fat % can ever be accurate on a body scale?



  • bpetrosky
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    Hi everyone !

    I am looking to buy a body scale and a food scale. Any recommendations? Do you believe the body fat % can ever be accurate on a body scale?


    Body scale: just about any mid-range digital scale should be fine. Too cheap and it's likely the manufacturer cut corners on the components. The body fat electro-impedance measurement is not that accurate on home scales, so if your scale does have it just take the readings as very coarse estimates.

    Food scale: any inexpensive digital scale is fine. I have two must have features: tare function to zero the scale as ingredients are added, and the units selector easily accessible (if I have to flip the scale over each time I turn it on to weigh in grams, that's a fail)

  • WakkoW
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    I weight myself every morning and have a wifi scale (Fitbit Aria)I love that I don't have to remember to track and it links to trend If you weigh everyday, it's great.

    While I don't think the body fat is accurate, it does stay consistent. I weigh in in the mornings,
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    My scale wasn't consistent -- I could weigh myself 4-5 times in a row and get different results. After reading reviews, I settled on an EatSmart digital scale, and am completely happy with it. It's consistent, and reasonably accurate compared to the weights I get at my doctor's office. I liked it so much I bought an EatSmart food scale as well, which is also a great scale.
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    I bought this: (Taylor 7222f) At Walmart. It is a cheepie but it works great. It Bluetooths to its phone app & MFP picks it up automatically. It seems like the fat reading is mostly a calculation.
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    For a bathroom scale, I can't recommend the EatSmart line highly enough. I have this one:

    It just tells you what you weigh, doesn't give you body fat percentage or anything like that. But it's incredibly accurate and reliable. I'm sure there are other models that have more "bells and whistles", if that's what you're looking for.
  • lizwooshy
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    Food scale. I found mine by searching on Amazon. Its white, plastic, and cost about $8, and has a circle surface to put your food/plate/bowl. I love it! An important thing to look for is having an easy to use tare function and easy to use unit converter, on the FRONT of the scale.

    I originally bought a stainless steel food scale from Wal-mart for $15, but there was no actual power botton, the tare was crap, and you had to flip the damn thing over to go from grams to ounces. It was returned ASAP.
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    Following. I am looking for a new bathroom scale. I don't want a glass one though!
  • PattyBanzhof1
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    Just bought the WeightGurus app sync body scale yesterday. So far, liking it! Measure and tracks weight, BF, muscle mass, body water, bone mass. Coolest thing around!!! Like how it syncs to myfitnesspal pal app!!! Paid $29.99 at Bed, Bath Beyond (on sale).