What You Feel

What decisions do you make when you are out with people & have to eat
out. How do you work around it. Do you eat before you are out! To me it's
about what's important,my weight loss goal than about what other people think.


  • MelaniaTrump
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    Once a week? I plan for the calories and enjoy.
    There is an entry called - Banking Calories

    I have sworn never to eat grilled chicken and a salad when I go out again.
    Years of doing that gets boring.
  • middlehaitch
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    I tend to go with a salad and a grilled protein, dressing on the side no croutons. Or a burger and salad. I love salads so it would be a choice I would make anyway.

    If I decide to do a pasta, or other calorie dense meal, I will divide it into an appropriate portion size and have the extra boxed up.

    For drinks, a large glass of water continuously topped up and either wine beer or a cocktail. The water keeps me to 2-3 drinks.

    I have never worried about what others think about what I eat.

    Cheers, h.
  • angelxsss
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    I pre-plan, and look at the menu on the internet (if available) to see which option best fits in with my goals.
  • hiyomi
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    I preplan my day around knowing what I'm going to eat out later. For example, if I know I'm going to splurge on a 1,000 calorie meal at a restaurant, I have a light breakfast such as fruit, and for lunch a simple sandwich with veggies or anything basically thats around 300 calories. :) For example, I always go out on Fridays, so my day will be like this usually:

    Breakfast: Sara lee 45 calorie wheat bread (2 slices), strawberry preserves (1 tbsp) and an egg= 210 calories
    Lunch: Weight watchers Enchilada Suizas, and any 1 serving of fruit.
    Dinner out to eat: I try to keep at at 800 calories or below, but leave room for 1,000 calorie meals. If I go over, I still know I did really well the rest of the day so I'm okay with it as long as I know I didn't go over board. Somewhere such as Wendy's, I will eat Crispy Chicken Sandwhich, small fries, and a small chili. I will skip on the mayonaise on sandwiches etc. :)
  • lorrpb
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    I eat what will help me meet my nutrition and weight loss goals. This is 24/7 lifestyle for me. My body doesn't deal well with irregular eating patterns.
  • endlessfall16
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    There are no decisions about diet or calories when I'm out with people. I just join them and try to enjoy everything. I'm already fitter than most of them and if I they are not worried why should I? And if I could lose so many pounds from being overweight, what difference do a 5 lbs (and that's extreme eating) this time make?

    You are right to look at what's important: losing a few pounds gained, which I have done many many times, or quality time with friends and family members?

    Last Sunday I enjoyed a steakhouse birthday party where I ordered a 33oz Chef cut's steak. I loved every bite of it. Next up is a Mother Day party at my aunt's.
  • Britxclarity
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    In all honesty I still eat what I want. BUT if I know I am going out to eat I pre plan and keep my breakfast very light (like a cup of coffee and fruit)
    Then while i'm at the restaurant I google the menu and look at the nutrition information for the meals. (I encourage everyone to do this, you will be shocked at how many cals salads at restaurants have!) Granted though.. you honestly do not know the portion size the restaurant is giving you but it gives you an idea of how many cals the meal you're going to be eating will range from.
  • Lounmoun
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    I eat out one meal a week. I know I am eating out in advance. I make a decision in advance.
    I have looked at nutritional information for many restaurants by now so it isn't hard to make a choice that fits my calories best.
  • ljashley1952
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    I sometimes order a half order of Cobb salad or Thai salad. Mostly I look at how often I go out. If it's once every week or two, I will go ahead and indulge, but skip dessert and limit alcoholic beverages. If I eat too much, I'll shave a hundred or so calories off the other 6 days of the week and/or plan an extra workout. If I go out more often, I try to make good choices. Splurging once in awhile is not going to pile on the pounds.
  • lizwooshy
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    Bank calories in advance and look at a nutrition menu online if it is a chain. I like to go for a wrap with grilled chicken, remove the cheese that comes in it, and put any dressings on the side.

    Grilled over fried, and dressings/sauces on the side. Sometimes I switch the fries out for steamed veggies, and sometimes I keep the fries :)

    Or, I split a meal with my bf if it is something like mexican.

    Either way, eating out here or there is not going to prevent long term weight loss or health.
  • ElizabethOakes2
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    I try to always drink a glass of water before I leave so that I know I'm not going to mistake thirst for hunger. Like someone else said, start with a salad, and that way you'll eat less of your entree. Our favorite Greek restaurant now knows me well enough that they deliver a to-go box with our entrees so I can box up half my meal without me even having to ask.
  • lauracups
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    When I'm out for a meal I politely order my meal the way I want it, burger no bun extra tomatoes or grilled salmon without the sauce or salad without the cheese etc etc. It's not an issue. If I'm at a place where those options are more challenging, Mexican or Italian, I'll still go towards the protein option verses carby option. I'm not denying myself, it's just how I prefer to eat.
  • jandsstevenson887
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    It's nobody's business if I'm losing weight. I order something that fits in my calorie allowance and enjoy it.
  • sashayoung72
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    definitely plan ahead, and that old ridiculous advice of eating before must be by someone with the mindset of i'm full therefore I won't eat. That personally never works with me, so I eat as lightly before so it's like the banking the calories someone already mentioned. Knowing where I'm going to eat, sometimes after looking at the 1000's of calories a meal I would have previously eaten changes my mind.