Gym anxiety



  • alyssa_rest
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    I used to be terrified as well. I just kept thinking to myself that unless someone is being disruptive, I never pay attention to others at the gym more than a glance (even if they are really tall). Odds are, no one is concerned with what I'm doing either. Take your time, read the directions on the machine, and let your personal trainer help and just remember that everyone there is more concerned with working on themselves than they are with judging you!
  • fitmom4lifemfp
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    I'ma 60 year old woman and have been regularly attending a gym for darn near 40 years. I feel at home. I don't pay any attention to what others are doing...really. Do your own thing and stop worrying that others are watching. They aren't.
  • lizwooshy
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    I'd also recommend looking at the subreddit r/Fitness.

    There is a lot of great information there.