Weight training women!

Hi again!
I would love to hear some positive, inspiring success stories from women who have made the switch from "cardio crazy" to more of a strength training based program. I am a cardio over-achiever but am not getting the results that I want. I have been doing a lot of reading and am starting to get psyched about employing heavy lifting as my main source of exercise and using cardio on rest days to earn more calories and to maintain a daily activity because I enjoy moving/good stress relief.
I stress a little about the dreaded bulk, though I have read time and again that this wont happen. Show me! Reassure me! I am built like a gymnast, short and stacked and I do feel that I bulk up easily. But I have NEVER committed to heavy lifting, only light weights combined with cardio. Hoping this will be the *switch* I need to turn on the burn! I have about15-20 lbs to lose, mostly for appearance and self confidence. I am about 140 now and feel my best in 120's. thanks!


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    I've also done both cardio and heavy lifting, as long as you're watching what you eat you should do whatever exercise makes you happy. Everyone is different. What I can say is don't let heaving lifting intimidate you, every one starts somewhere. Trying looking up lifting videos featuring women - my favorite is Zoe Rodriguez. Start small, gain strength / confidence and go from there :)
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    I can tell you from my time in the service, intense cardio is really hard on your body over time. Personally, if I want to add some cardio, I'll do a weight circuit. Cardio will not change your overall physique.
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    You cannot bulk up while in a deficit. Lift progressively and watch your calorie intake. You can lose more fat and retain more muscle with lifting in a deficit than with only cardio.
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    I'm no success but I'm working on it! I have been doing a lot of cardio and am thinking of switching to the weights more frequently than I already do. Yesterday when I left the gym I walked past a woman and couldn't help but glare at her arms, they were awesome! Every muscle was so defined. I wanted to touch them! LOL That's my goal when I get the rest of my weight off. Underneath there will be muscles (they are already starting to show some definition when I flex :)

    Have fun!
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    "Bulk" is subjective, but its not like it'll happen overnight. I think my arms and legs put on muscle easily (but admittedly, that's also where my stubborn fat is :'( ) and I've had my thigh measurement increase even while my waist and the scale went down. But if you're ever unhappy with it, just take the volume down. You'll always be in control.

    Strength training, for the most part, has made me smaller and tighter than cardio (alone) ever did. It's done more for cellulite and actually made me shapely rather than just smaller. And that's not even mentioning how awesome and capable you feel day to day. I hope you end up liking it, since that's ultimately what'll decide if its for you!
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    I loathe cardio in all forms but I've learned I like picking up heavy stuff. It's only been a couple of weeks but I'm already seeing and feeling differences. Plus it's awesome to feel like a total boss at the end of a killer workout.
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    I'm falling in love with lifting. Got to week 8 of Strong Curves Beginner program & can already tell a difference. My butt has completely changed shape. In a wonderful way. And most of the lower body stuff has been body weight so far! Having to take a break because we're moving from So Cal to Maryland, but I'm SO excited to start lifting again when we settle in! (Finally getting to use some lower body weights in week 9)

    Be prepared for weight loss to stall for the first few weeks for the lifting program. I've never consistently stuck with a program before this, and the first three weeks I was STARVING and EXHAUSTED all the time and I only lift twice a week! Plus my weight was not dropping. But I stuck with it because I'm a stubborn person & had decided I would finally finished a program. I mean, I spent $ on the book, so I might as well finish one of the programs listed in it.

    SO glad that I did. I'm loving the way my body is changing already. My butt is more round & my waist is shrinking faster than my bust or love handles. And being able to move more and more weight every time I visit the gym is the most badass feeling ever.
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    I have been lifting weights for 3 years and in many ways it has transformed my life. When I started I was a weak and unfit 40 year old who had avoid exercise as much as possible to someone that loves exercise and is very strong physically and mentally. I can do chin-ups easily now and can squat and deadlift 90kg which is a pretty solid amount for an amateur with my weight and height.

    My favourite programs have been Strong Curves and All-Pro but I have not been particularly rigid with the following the program as some weeks I can only fit in one lifting session per week due to life and other weeks I can do as many as four. I have been consistently lifting over a decent amount of time so am pretty happy with the results even if they have been slow to achieve. I figure slow and steady wins the race.

    Lifting heavy weight is always such a great stress reliever as you need to focus all your attention and effort into the movement and you can transfer pent up frustrations into the lifting action. The positive self talk you give yourself to lift the bar then spills into every other facet of your life. Well that is my experience anyway.


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    Example: my profile picture ✅
    Left was just beginning weights right was a couple of months ago
    I love weights!
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    You don't have the required testosterone to get bulky. Plain and simple. That is fact. Enjoy lifting :smiley:
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    Whenever I lost weight in the past I always did tons of cardio because I didn't know any better. Spending some time with weights was a treat to do after getting that cardio in. This time around I did minimal cardio and stuck to heavy lifting. My body is totally different this time. I've gotten stronger, have a hint of abs coming through, and I'm wearing a smaller size jeans than I ever did when sticking to all cardio. It's amazing what weights can do.

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    When I started I used a lot of cardio and super restrictive cals and omfg I was miserable and tired , I now am not at my lightest but have dropped 8 % body fat since starting lifting, feel so much stronger, it's helping my confidence, my stress, my running.
    I have been lighter by a couple of kg than I am now but getting to the lowest body fat percentage I've had and I don't look bulky at all... I actually want more muscles but really bloody hard to do that when on a defect and doing some cardio.

    Go get started on the weights , barbells , Dumbbells , machines, kettle bells try it all and see what you love ... Best choice I've ever made
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    Weight training is awesome! Makes you look and feel so much better :)

    Dont be afraid, just start small and go for it!
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    Go for it! I love lifting! It has definitely changed my shape for the better! I weigh the same as I did 5 years ago but down 2 sizes!

    Admittedly, I do do my fair share of running. But that's just because I enjoy it!
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    Thank you all so much for the encouragement!!! I'm so psyched!
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    I did a 25 min total body circuit today with 8-10 lbs. last time I did that was three days ago and I am just barely not sore any more. How many days per week do you wise weight lifting ladies recommend? Use soreness as a guide?
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    I don't use soreness as a guide because you don't have to be achy to have worked out effectively. But you do have to be mindful of continually bumping up those weights if it's getting too easy. The idea is to keep challenging yourself, but not so much that you're sacrificing form.