Do you have a treat day/night?



  • lizwooshy
    lizwooshy Posts: 110 Member
    If I want something, I eat it. I just realize that my losses wont be as high for the week/month. At this point, I am ecstatic to lose a pound or so a month. I have no reason to put a timeline on myself.

    Also, I really don't like the word "cheat" or saying Im "on a diet". This is my lifestyle, and I'm trying to build a healthy, balanced, sustainable on. There is no reality where I will give up mexican, pizza, hot wings, or ice cream :)
  • trollerskates
    trollerskates Posts: 87 Member
    I do post workout, uping your calories will help your metabolism. Yhen cut back and you lose fat
  • VividVegan
    VividVegan Posts: 200 Member
    I eat a pint of Arctic Zero ice cream almost every night. Sometimes I'll eat dark chocolate instead. And once or twice a month, I'll go to a chinese buffet. IIFYM
  • pvju
    pvju Posts: 115 Member
    When I "cheat" the calories are worked into my daily total. I see no point cheating without making up for the extra calories - it's like going backwards. But I don't have a lot to lose so my margin for error is very small. I still manage to have ice cream, the occasional cocktail, even a little salty snacks in small amounts. I definitely don't feel deprived in the least.
  • tamaraworrall
    tamaraworrall Posts: 166 Member
    Whilst losing weight I never had treat or cheat days as I was very strict and honestly didn't miss it .
    Now I'm trying to maintain I do have treats when I want them and never overindulge so they always fit into my calories .
    I've worked so hard to lose the weight that I know what to do now and I am good at self control so if I feel like going to an all you can eat once a week or every 2 weeks I will.
    Everyone is different so it's finding out what works for you