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  • I remember when I was taken off mine. It is a wonderful feeling!
  • Great job!
  • Congrats! Love the picture!
  • I pureed healthy request soups with added canned chicken for extra protein. There are so many flavors it did not get boring for me. I also liked protein powder in applesauce. I did make the "Shelly's Ricotta bake" I made several little ones in ramekins and baked them in the toaster oven. They were very tasty. Of course if…
  • Welcome Sweettee382! I sent you a request. I was sleeved 11/23/15 and my weight was very similar to your start and pre-surgery. I am slowing down a bit and it can be frustrating. friends always help!
  • OMG I just noticed we have a "like" and "awesome" button!!!
  • Love reading these. I have one and I just sat back and laughed at my husband. We were at my Aunts beach house my husband and granddaughter were looking at a reunion picture taken 2 years ago. My husband asked my granddaughter where I was in the picture. My granddaughter pointed me out right away. My husband said thats not…
  • I've read about them and will prob. need to do it in the future. I will be checking to see what you decided on. Keep us updated.
  • I always say I'm gonna take pics but I don't. Probably all those years that I avoided the camera. Thanks for sharing you are doing AWESOME!!!!
  • It can be frustrating. I don't get much more calories than you do. I heard upping calories does work for some people. Most docs wont give a hard number for calorie intake which can be confusing. I starting doing interval stepping on my stepper and it works for me. You can do this with walking or any cardio. I start by…
  • It does get easier as the days go by. I will tell you one food that saved me was Budget Saver sugar free twin pops in the freezer section at walmart. It was actually something solid I could bite into. I think the flavors are much better and they dont seem as hard as the name brand freezer pops. They are usually on the…
  • Congrats on your surgery and glad you are feeling better. It gets better every day. Remember sip, sip, sip, sip and sip again.
  • Hi again! I wrote a little on the previous post started by socalgardengal. One of the best unflavored protein powders I found is Genepro by Musclegen. It is sold on Amazon and is amazing. You get 30g of protein in 1TBSP It can be mixed easily in just about anything and is almost tasteless. This powder was recommended to me…
  • Welcome! I was sleeved on Nov. 23rd and I still have some bad days with food. When I feel a bad day I stick to protein shakes, plain canned chicken breast or a protein bar. These are things I seem to have an easy time with you may have your own easy on your tummy foods. I have to sip or eat super slow. Remember to wait at…
  • Congrats! The honesty in your post is refreshing. I am only a few month out from surgery and know its not gonna be a smooth trip. Its great people, wisdom, and experience from this group that helps me push forward. Thanks!
  • Hope your feeling better. I used a timer on my cell for my water sips. I also had to take pills. It does get easier. Good luck!
  • This is a welcoming group. Have her join and say "HI" If she just wants to read old posts she will find a wealth of info that will help in just about any situation.
  • Welcome and congrats on your surgery. This is a wonderful group.
  • Hi! My highest weight was 320. I lost weight on my own and got down to 275 and just got stuck there. Looked into surgery after a year of going nowhere. I decided on the sleeve after much research and support group meetings. It just seemed to be the best option for my needs. I wanted a tool to help me with my hunger but I…
  • You got some great ideas here! I also have to fight that nighttime urge to eat. I worked 3rd shift for so many years that I am a late night person. I know before this process most of my calories were consumed after 6pm. I had to work very hard to get over the night time eating. When I get the urge I usually go for a decaf…
  • Sorry I have not been keeping up on here. Glad to read all went great and your doing well. anbrdr is correct its way to early to worry about stalls. Just take time to adjust. My husband was not with me either. He would have gone nuts waiting. I made him go to work.
  • I am one of those who only told my close family and a few friends. If someone asks me how I lost weight I am honest and tell them I exercise more and eat a high protein low carb diet. Most people just ask and don't really want more info. I follow the same rule I did when my kids were little and asked sex questions. Be…
  • I am almost 5 months out and my nutritionist wont give me an exact number of calories. Which drives me crazy. She says as long as I get my protein in I'm ok. I always have to add quick calories to be able complete my day on MFP. I would say check with your nut. and see what they have to say. When I stall I play with my…
  • A stall is very common a little while after surgery. I think its your body trying to catch up. Mine lasted for over a week and drove me crazy. Just keep doing what your suppose to do and it will start to come off again. Hang in there!
  • Looks and sounds like you had an amazing time! Thank for sharing your adventure and I look forward to hearing about the next trip.
  • Congrats! Amazing progress!
  • I also use Premier when I have a premade shake. The taste is better to me than other ones. My main source of protein in the Genepro powder(amazon). It gives you 30g of protein in only 1TBSP and has almost no taste. I mix it with almost anything hot or cold. I also mix it with a product called Secure Meal Replacement(many…
  • These updates are amazing!
  • Another Welcome back! I was sleeved 11/23/15 You may also add me.
  • You are all so right. I have really noticed my ribs and the tailbone lately. Sometimes I feel the same spot on my husband to see if its normal. He's such a good sport. When I went for a hike the other day I actually thought if I fall I wont have all the cushion to break my fall. What weird thoughts that go through my mind.