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  • I’m back here again too and feeling as motivated as ever. I feel like I’ve got it this time. 40lbs to go.
  • Hi! Ive been back on the wagon for 3 weeks today and feel like a wall has lifted the last couple of days. Not hungry all day and actually feel content with the amount of food I’m eating. I’m hoping this feeling lasts! We’ve got this!
  • Hi! Yes, they want BMI less than 30. It’s SO much pressure, but also good motivation. My next appointment should be in April where I’ll be referred to IVF. Fingers crossed for us, we’ve got this! How much do you need to lose?
  • I have an iPhone 13 and I’m using the app. Latest iOS. I’ve been off the app for a while and only just noticed it. I feel like there used to be a plus button but there’s nothing.
  • 2100 seems like quite a few calories for weight loss. Maybe adjust it to 1700 for a few weeks and see if that helps? People sometimes think they’re sticking to a calorie goal but if the don’t weight anything, it’s not accurate so ensure you’re weighing your food too! Good luck.
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  • SW RND 250 - 182.4lbs 2/6 - 181.6 2/7 - 180.6 2/8 - 180.8 - expected to gain a little due to eating ALL of my calories in one sitting last night. Not worries though as stayed below calories. Also stayed within calories for the rest of the day and didn’t give in to a couple of temptations I easily could have💪🏼 2/9 - 2/10 -…
  • SW RND 250 - 182.4lbs 2/6 - 181.6 2/7 - 180.6 2/8 - 180.4 - stuck to my calories today. Was busy most of the day so didn’t eat any calories until 6pm then ate most of them at once and I was FULL. Feeling motivated still💪🏼 2/9 - 2/10 - 2/11 - 2/12 - 2/13 - 2/14 - 2/15 -
  • Amazing commitment and huge success! Well done💪🏼
  • Hi and welcome! I agree with what OP said, weight loss is about calories in vs calories out. I don’t go to the gym, but when I used to, if I wasn’t feeling motivated, I told myself I’d just get ready and drive there. If I didn’t want to do it then I would come home. By the time I was there, 100% of the time I would go in…
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  • SW RND 250 - 182.4lbs 2/6 - 181.6 2/7 - 180.6 - Hoping to be under 180 tomorrow🤞🏼 2/8 - 2/9 - 2/10 - 2/11 - 2/12 - 2/13 - 2/14 - 2/15 -
  • SW RND 250 - 2/5 - 182.4lbs 2/6 - 181.6lbs Today I stayed within calories, drank my water, and I’m feeling motivated. Even just sticking to my calories for 2 days in a row is success as the last year I’ve struggled with will power and motivation. 2/7 - 2/8 - 2/9 - 2/10 - 2/11 - 2/12 - 2/13 - 2/14 - 2/15 -
  • Hi all, I'm a newbie to this challenge, but not to MFP! I'm a 26 year old female, 5'3 and 182lbs. I lost about 55lbs in 2017, and have put it all back on in the last 3 years. My goal is 165lbs by May to be approved for IVF, but ultimate goal is 135-140lbs. Here's to February! <3 SW RND 250 - 182lbs 2/6 - 2/7 - 2/8 - 2/9 -…
  • Me! I lost 60lbs in 2017 using MFP. moved to Rome for a year, life got in the way, got into a serious, happy relationship and last forward 4.5 years I'm back to my start weight! My extra motivation is the next step in our fertility journey is IVF, and we need to be a 'healthy' BMI... Time to get my *kitten* in gear again.
  • I have always done it backwards. If you have an apple and it says 100g but you had 76g, I change it to 1g, and put amount as 76 so its 76 x 1g = 76g instead of trying to divide and calculate. I hope that makes sense!
  • Started week 5 yesterday and it went well👍🏼
  • How’s everyone doing? I done W4 D1 yesterday and felt great after (not so much during!). To think I ran for 5 minutes straight, TWICE, when a month ago I could hardly do 60 seconds… I know it works because I’ve done it before, but it amazes me still. Keep it up guys!
  • Don’t look at it as you have over 100lbs to lose, give yourself small goals. I use an app called happy scale (its free) and weigh almost daily, it’s not for everyone as some people get fixated on the numbers (I know weight fluctuates throughout the week and don’t have a break down if I’m +1lbs from yesterday). Happy scale…
  • @cynma click on the persons name, click view profile, click myfitness pal profile and you can add from there😊
  • Your calories should slowly go down as your weight drops. You can manually increase them if you want to lose at a slower weight.
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  • @ddsb1111 They've literally not talked to me about any of this yet. I’m hoping this will be a talking point closer to the time… Hopefully by the time our IVF journey starts, I’ll be healthy!
  • Got about 50lbs to lose. We got this!!💃🏼 What macros do you try and stick to? Are you exercising or just calories out > calories in?
  • I look at old pictures of when I had lost the weight before and remember how comfortable I felt and how much to want to feel like that again. I also go onto the success stories on MFP and read through them to give me motivation. I haven’t got back into exercising properly, but before if I wasn’t feeling motivated I’d get…
  • Calorie counting doesn’t go hand in hand with being hungry. Your body may be used to a certain quantity of food and in the beginning it adjusts to a ‘normal’ amount of food it needs to consume in order to live. I’d say if the amount cross matches with other TDEE calculators you have tried then it is accurate. Try it for a…
  • Hi and welcome to MFP! I find looking through the success stories on the forum a huuuuge motivational help! Good luck on your journey!
  • Hiya! I’ve got about 4-5 stone to lose and am looking for motivational friends, I’ll add you :)
  • I’m back.. again too! We can reach our goals!
  • Try to distract yourself, the craving should pass. Or try healthy sweet stuff? Some fruit perhaps? Or if there’s something you want that is sweet, have it and track it😊
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  • I’m about 17lbs up from my lowest weight, but still thought this was a huge difference!
  • I’m going to Egypt with my boyfriend in May, and I want to feel comfortable by the pool and beach. I want my old summer clothes to fit so I don’t have to buy more.
  • Challenge starting weight- 151lbs 10/23- 151lbs 10/30- 147lbs 11/6- 11/13- 11/20- 11/27- 12/4- 12/11- 12/18- 12/25- Challenge End Weight Goal- 139 Total weight loss goal by Christmas- 12lbs