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Hi all! I’m new here (yikes) why does the serving size only give you a few options? I always find myself converting my serving size to the only few options they give you. Or am I doing something wrong.


  • herblovinmom
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    You’re not doing anything wrong. The food database is generated by users like you and me, keep looking through the database when searching for your food with the serving size options your seeking, or create your own food in the ‘add a food’ section with the correct information and serving sizes you need… good luck.
  • Corina1143
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    If you use a food scale, try adding usda when you search, like "usda tomatoes". Instead of 1 tomato, it will
    have "100 grams". You can then put in the amount, like .3 for 30 grams of tomatoes.
  • lynn_glenmont
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    You don't need to have exactly one serving. If you give yourself 76 g of something for your portion, and the serving size is 170 g, for example, just divide 76 by 170, and put 0.45 in as the number of servings (click on 1 where it says number of servings to change it).
  • mtaratoot
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    It's a great idea to find the BEST entry in the database the first time you log it. Then it will show up in your recent/frequent foods. Some are better than others.

    If I need to log, for example, carrots. One database entry may only let me chose by volume, like "one cup chopped." I don't use that. I find one that also lets me choose grams or 100 grams. If it's grams, just weigh what you eat and log it. Obviously if the unit is 100 grams, you have to do some very complex math - moving the decimal. If it's only ounces, there's about 28.4 grams in an ounce. I like grams for food measurements.
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    I have always done it backwards. If you have an apple and it says 100g but you had 76g, I change it to 1g, and put amount as 76 so its 76 x 1g = 76g instead of trying to divide and calculate. I hope that makes sense!
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    Find a database entry with the correct info even if it's not your serving size. Say someone has entered correct info for 1/4 of a bag of something, but your serving size was 1/2 the bag. Now it's in your recent foods list, if you go to add it to your daily diary you might see options (depending on the item) for per gram, per container, per tblspoon, etc. And you can choose your quantity there.

    Or if you've saved a meal, then in future you have 1.25x the portion size of the same meal, just add your meal with 1.25 quantity.

    Be sure to upvote the database entry if it's correct.