Who has been on My Fitness for a long time but are just now really getting started again?

Genevie8 Posts: 16 Member
I tried another program in August but due to our insurance changing I am going off of it in a few days, so I got back on My Fitness. I've been on it for years but haven't really done much. I need to keep the weight I lost off. And what I have accomplished since August and the motivation that I have. It's not great, but it's all I've got, ha. I hate exercising and I have gotten to where I usually exercise now 5 days a week so it's been a long haul but I'm doing it! It's so much harder for me now that I'm over 60.


  • heatherannAZ
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    I have been on close to 10 years- but was only really active on it for about 5. I’m over
    50 now and have strayed from my commitment to myself and am doing the whole Jan 1 fresh start thing. 😃 feel free to add me for check in’s
  • BillyAZ
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    Yes! This year is going to be very different though. Got everything settled for it to be amazing! Good luck!!
  • AnnetteGH4L
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    Hi, I joined and was doing really good, then got sick, had surgery now I am trying to get back on track. Hopefully, this will be the year.
  • Curt0959
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    Well I’m back but now I’m 64 y.o.! Whereas I lost 40 lbs. in 2023, I fell very short for obtaining my goal weight. I now have 40 lbs. more to lose in 2024 and recognize this will be the biggest challenge in my weight loss journey (next to learning how to keep it off)! I do now fully appreciate this is more than dieting I must develop a lifestyle!

    I’m interested in supporting anyone who would care to join me at this point in my weight loss journey!
  • 54ShadesOfBlue
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    Took a break - then came back a few months ago - but truly recommitted 30 days ago.
  • taletreader
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    Me. I was active here about 2010-2012. Lost 80 lbs or more by late 2011, and hung out at a comfortable weight through about 2013 and had an active lifestyle for the years after. But some stresses crept in (professional, personal), and I convinced myself that I was still eating very healthily and small portions (which I mostly was ... but with a susceptibility to chocolate and dessert). I recently looked at the pictures from these years and I sure put on about 10 lbs a year or thereabouts, but was cycling and doing things like running with our dogs. Then in January 2016, I was out with the dogs and ended up stepping in a snow hole and blew up my ACL. That gave me a big jolt in how I feel about myself and made me quite insecure. Activity levels fell off a cliff, and my body reacted and set about rebuilding fat stores.

    The last two years, I sorted out much of my life. Graduate degree is finished, and job situation much improved. Relationship is in a great place. I sorted my teeth, and am getting regular check-ups. Got PT that taught me a lot about how my knee and my orthopedic system in general functions. And stepped on a scale again ... which wasn't a pleasant experience - only about 15-20 libs below where I started in late 2010. In addition, i'm getting older and some of my metabolic markers are slowly creeping out of the desirable zone. So now I'm back re-doing what I did 12 years ago, hopefully a little more knowledgeable about how to treat my body.
  • Rconda
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    This is me. I've been on and off again a few times but never stuck with it. When I came back, and saw my 10 year old profile pic, along with my starting weight from back then (which was 45 lbs lower than my current weight), I decided that this will NOT be me again in 10 years. It's time to get started. I would love to connect with anyone in the same boat. We can do this!
  • mtaratoot
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    I would urge you to STICK TO IT this time. If you've been here before, left, and are coming back, there's a reason. It's not uncommon for people to get to their goals, go back to their old ways (the "normal" ya know) and it's not surprising that they get back to their old normal.

    The trick is to be consistent. Set up habits that you can continue indefinitely. Stick to it! If you fail one day, that's fine. We all do. Don't wallow. Don't wait until next month to get back after it. Don't even wit until next week or tomorrow. Do it NOW. All we have is this one very moment. That's actually a benefit. You don't have to make any decisions any time but right now.

    You can do this if you want. If you want it, DO IT!
  • HaleCry
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    Me! I lost 60lbs in 2017 using MFP. moved to Rome for a year, life got in the way, got into a serious, happy relationship and last forward 4.5 years I'm back to my start weight! My extra motivation is the next step in our fertility journey is IVF, and we need to be a 'healthy' BMI... Time to get my *kitten* in gear again.
  • Lietchi
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    I never really left MFP: I lost 75lbs from mid 2019 to mid 2022. Since then I've gradually been regaining, very slowly. I'm reaching the limits of what my new wardrobe can handle (getting tight!) so it's time to reign it in a bit again - I'd like to lose 5-8 lbs again.