I feel literally so defeated. My husband and.i are on a weight loss journey together. We eat the same things and we go to the gym to workout together. He's lost 20 pounds. It seems like everytime he steps on the scale he's lost more. I on the other hand have lost 5. Sometimes nothing (my weight fluctuates like crazy so I don't know if I have really lost anything). I have a higher BMI than him so why am I not losing weight like he does? We both go on the treadmill at the gym so it's not like he's doing anything different than me. I'm so frustrated, I have worked so hard and sacrificed so much food that I so very much wanted to eat but didn't. Im supposed to be eating 2100 calories but I do eat less than that (I don't always log here but do the math in a notebook) at around 1500. I might as well just starve myself because I don't see what else I could do 😭


  • HaleCry
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    2100 seems like quite a few calories for weight loss. Maybe adjust it to 1700 for a few weeks and see if that helps? People sometimes think they’re sticking to a calorie goal but if the don’t weight anything, it’s not accurate so ensure you’re weighing your food too!
    Good luck.
  • bhattarai_mahesh
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    Don't beat yourself up.
    You can lose weight and everyone has different journey.
    How's your drinking habits (not referring to alcoholic) ? Are you drinking enough water ?
    How have you been drinking coffee /tea ?
    Try going black coffee / no sugar for a week and see if that helps ?
    Also stay away from processed sugar.
    Eat only when you are really hungry
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    You haven't mentioned the timeline: 5 lbs in what period? And what are your personal stats: height and current weight?
    Are you weighing everything you eat and checking that the food database entries you choose are correct?
    How active are you in daily life and what exercise are you doing/ what are you doing on the treadmill and for how long?

    By the way:
    - comparison is the thief of joy, try to focus on your own journey
    - I recommend using a weight trending app like Libra for Android or Happyscale for iOS, it helps with setting your weight trend through the fluctuations
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    I think you may need to consider a few things....
    1. you are female, and he is male
    2. Hormones
    3. Metabolism
    4. If you reduce calories too much for your BMI your body will go into starvation mode
    5. do you have a fitness watch to monitor your movement?
    6. your journey is yours alone
    This app is here to help you if you don't use it in the way its intended then you won't lose weight. Yes it is just a tool, but like all tools if not used correctly you don't get the results you want. Track your weight, food and water intake. Try and keep around the suggested quantities for protein, carbs. etc.
    You can do this......
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    Men have more muscle than women, in relation to overall size. Therefore, men burn more calories when at rest than women do. They will lose weight faster, esp at first. I remember when my mom did weight watchers and men would start, losing 9-13 lbs in their first week (for many reasons), and continuing to lose more each week, for a while. Then their loss would slow to the more normal 1-2 lbs/week.

    Those men were bummed. The early losses gave them an unrealistic idea of what weight loss is like, and how long it takes.

    Hang in there. The goal is to keep making an effort, even if it means your calorie deficit is 50/day. That's STILL a victory. Hugs.