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  • NO.....JUST NO! sorry for yelling, but I speak from experience!
  • Me toooooo!!! I was so good for six months and list 55 lbs but fell off the wagon recently. Trying to catch up and hop back on that darn wagon. I need at least 60 more lbs, but need accountability buddies. (It really doesn't help that I just started a cookie business venture with a friend!!!! :s )
  • You look beautiful before and after! Way to go, what an inspiration!
  • You are an inspiration!! WTG! I'm so proud of you. :)
  • Aaaamazing
  • I would have my doctor check it out. It could be very simple, for example you could have strained that muscle while exercising. This particular muscle has been an issue for me for the last 18 years, ever since I was pregnant with my oldest. I think how much weight I had gained with standing looong hours for work injured…
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  • I gain 5-7 lbs at ovulation time( midcycle) AND menstruation time. But they come off in two days or so after. Don't worry about it, if you're sticking to your plan, it's only logical that you would lose weight no matter how much you stall.
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  • Awesome transformation!! WTG! I, too suffer from fibromyalgia and Raynaud's among a few other things. So naturally, I'm very curious as to how your phenomenal weight loss affected your conditions. Care to expand on this? Pleeeeease! ;)
  • Totally me. I don't have a single picture of me with my boys since they were babies! :'( But now I was happy to pose for pictures on prom day, but my face was so weird until we started cracking jokes and then I was laughing in each pic. I'm only halfway done, can't imagine what I'll pose for when I'm all the way done! ;)
  • I just wonder what this world has come to! I'm sooo sorry this happened to you. Of course you have PTSD, the second you said nightmares, that's exactly what I thought. I would have been in the exact same position. And that's insurance companies for you! I'm just so sorry you had to go through all of this! Welcome to our…
  • @loobe1066 I'm so proud of you for staying active despite your challenges. Good for you, girl! ;) I used to looove riding my bike all the way through college. And to be honest I would love to take that up again, but I'm so afraid of stressing out my knees. With the osteoarthritis, they are barely functioning now. But I…
  • @BinaryFu Congratulations on your weight loss, doesn't it feel great to just feel lighter? Check out the post in success stories titled ' I lost an elephant's pe∆|s '. It's so funny but puts your weight loss in perspective. Please, tell me where I can find the blog! I'd like to read that, but I'm so mfp illiterate.
  • Are you friggin kidding me??? I thought I had it bad, struggling for 5 years to get a diagnosis! I am so sorry you had to go through this, sweetheart. The nerve of some doctors!!! Why do they not just give the patient the benefit of the doubt?!! How hard is that? You know your own body, and you know what pain feels like!!…
  • @loobe1066 Thank you for your kind words. I am currently on steroids to try to break my pain cycle. I hope they work and not make me gain any weight. Rock on, everybody!
  • @Cutemesoon your reply had me on the floor! Thanks for having my back ;) ! I wish I had you on my support team!
  • I honestly whole heartedly agree with all of you. I know they're compliments and take them as such, but sometimes it just stings a little that poke in the end. But after some time has passed, I forget about it and just keep the compliment. That is only for my loved ones, as for the other people, it's needless to say they…
  • Hello ma peeps! I have been really suffering this past week. My fibro seems to have flared up and not going away. My most painful body part this time, is my upper right back. I went to see the doctor 2 days ago just fed up with the pain. Nothing works as usual and it's painful while sitting, standing, walking .... You get…
  • WTG, CJ!! You're much braver than me. You're looking good, despite the grimacing face. Lol. You have such a pretty and kind face, makes me feel like I've known you forever. :) Yes, ma'am , we ARE committed to do this. Enough is enough! I'm right there with you, though not quite as brave yet.
  • @stacyhunter2 @lilthings1 @LadyClou @ftwmc Guys, you will find our group in the groups section. It's called 'disabled and overweight'. Join us there, we have a few interesting topics.
  • Thank you, all, for responding. I had been chubby my whole life. But it wasn't until my first pregnancy that I gained so much, coupled with postpartum depression, that went undiagnosed till I had my second child 2 years later. I gained so much, I was horrified, so wise as I was, I crashdieted and used diet pills. That was…
  • I'm happy it went well for you and hope you're feeling better in general. :)
  • I'm sorry you're hurting, but take something with you to graduation to help make you comfy. I was at my son's graduation yesterday, the seat wasn't too bad, but it was ice cold in there, and we all stood up while the graduates walked in. With a class of 900 kids that was looong, then came the alma mater and national…
  • God bless you! Well I for one am very happy that you're around and very proud of your attitude! It's not being stupid, it's being brave and strong and fighting the good fight till the end, may it be far far faaaar away!
  • Big hearty congrats on taking the tree down, CJ! I, too have to do things in increments as I more often than not tend to overdo it. I HAVE to work everyday to make end's meet, so I try to put out of my head that I'm differently-abled and just work through my shift. Most days I come home feeling as though I was hit by a…
  • You are beautiful and absolutely amazing! Very inspiring!
  • How were the xrays? Hope you're feeling better.
  • I'm hoping to be in the next size down @ my son's graduation party in 5 weeks.