• misscagal
    misscagal Posts: 195 Member
    *I started*. It'll drive me crazy not to correct it lol
  • misscagal
    misscagal Posts: 195 Member
    All so amazing! It helps to know it CAN be done
  • lisaquinn208
    lisaquinn208 Posts: 1 Member
    edited June 2016

    All of these pics are super motivational. Thanks for sharing your success!
  • Emijanine
    Emijanine Posts: 158 Member
    mcfattest wrote: »

    21 days difference!
    Emijanine wrote: »
    Me 6dgq11y910as.jpeg
    first pic is me nine months preggo with my second. Second pic is after Hammer and Chisel. Lost the baby weight and then some!

    Can you please share how did you do it and how long did it take? Your results are astounding! Great work!

    Send me a friend request! I am new on the site and don't know how to add friends yet! Lol!!!
  • MaxT370
    MaxT370 Posts: 274 Member
    Everyone here should be so proud of their hard work and determination, well done!
  • hubcapsharrison
    hubcapsharrison Posts: 1 Member
    I don't know how to post a photo from my phone!! :'(
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