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    Goku, very nice work! And looking at the pics, you have been working! Keep it up!
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    kalahklass wrote: »

    The photo on the right is from 2015. It was at my HW of 282 (it's also my work ID :s ) I look so uncomfortable in my own skin, and I don't really remember feeling that way. The one on the right is from today at my CW of 240, down 4 pant sizes to a 14, and so much happier! I know I've got a long way to go, but I've made it so far since I started losing (this August) I wanted to share!

    Your face gains are on fire! Great job, I can’t wait until I can banish a bad ID photo that’s hanging over me. I’m already plotting to lose it so I can get a replacement when I’m ready. One day at a time!