Those with a Fitbit: what is your sleep quality like?

DarthJader89 Posts: 213 Member
When I first got my Fitbit I was most excited to see how it would measure my sleep quality as I can get 8+ hours and still be tired. Turns out I'm a pretty sound sleeper and just enjoy sleep!! What have you guys noticed from your fitbit's assessment?


  • yasef13
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  • CincyNeid
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    I would like to reply but I'm a Garmin user... not a Fitbit user.... ;)
  • TehLaughingDog
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    I specifically wanted my Fitbit Blaze to help me monitor my sleep. I have insomnia that has came and gone for 10 years. Having the Fitbit so far has been really beneficial to helping me see my sleep patterns. And I look forward to another insomnia spell to see my changes (I've only had my blaze for a week). Right now I'm waking up once or twice a night and range from 20-60 minutes restless. On average I'm between 7-9 hours of sleep currently. However when my insomnia comes back it won't be uncommon for me to sleep 3-4 hours a night.
  • WBB55
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    I like to track my sleep for mental health reasons. Love my new FitBit Alta. Food<-->Sleep<-->Mood<-->Food seems to all be related. If I go to bed late, I crave carbs the next day. Things like that. If I had a stressful day, I have trouble sleeping... which leads to more bad food choices. If I have too many nights of <7 hours, I'll need to sleep for 12-14 hours on a Sunday or something. Having it all charted and such has been very insightful. USUALLY it doesn't matter when I go to bed, I still wake up at about the same time. USUALLY.
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    It bothers me to sleep with my fitbit on. I like to sleep with my head under my arms. Plus I don't need it to tell me I have a crappy sleep pattern.
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    Mine is bad
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    I've had the Charge HR and now the Blaze and I learned real fast to take it off of sensitive because it was freaking me out by only saying I was sleeping 2 to 3 hours a night. I now average 5 during the week and 7hrs on weekends.

    I do catch myself on days I am exhausted looking to see how I slept the night before. And 9 out of 10 times there were a lot of blue and red lines that night.