99 pounds down!

momoftwins985 Posts: 653 Member
I started my weight loss journey at 248 pounds and a size 22.I could make tons of excuses like having twins, hypothyroidism, depression, yada yada but really I just ate a LOT and never moved around. Finally got tired of hurting physically and emotionally due to how big I was. I've been at this journey now for over two years and I'm now 149 and a size 8. I'm 26 years old and 5'6. This is my first time posting with pics so hopefully I did it right tj01pddxpd6p.jpeg


  • juliegilburd
    juliegilburd Posts: 145 Member
    Great job!!
  • yasef13
    yasef13 Posts: 63 Member
    You look beautiful before and after! Way to go, what an inspiration!
  • momofamadhouse
    momofamadhouse Posts: 197 Member
    Way to go! I love your hair!!!
  • Toronto6fan
    Toronto6fan Posts: 386 Member
  • bametels
    bametels Posts: 950 Member
    Congrats, you are an inspiration!
  • ivleafklover
    ivleafklover Posts: 36 Member
    Congrats! You look amazing :D
  • maryrice702
    maryrice702 Posts: 23 Member
    Way to go!!! Congrats
  • ElvenToad
    ElvenToad Posts: 644 Member
    Look at that amazing figure you've got!! High five!!!
  • RunRachelleRun
    RunRachelleRun Posts: 1,854 Member
    Congratulations! Very inspiring!
  • smkondy
    smkondy Posts: 583 Member
    Wow-that's awesome!! You look great!! Congrats!! :)
  • MrsMizzart
    MrsMizzart Posts: 52 Member
    What an excellent difference! Beautiful lass :-)
  • momoftwins985
    momoftwins985 Posts: 653 Member
    Thanks, everyone! ❤️
  • solieco1
    solieco1 Posts: 1,559 Member
    You look fantastic! Great work!!!
  • pldavis10
    pldavis10 Posts: 67 Member
    Wonderful achievement. You look fantastic!
  • d2othev
    d2othev Posts: 43 Member
    Omg you look amazing!
  • katielynn107
    katielynn107 Posts: 58 Member
    That's really great- you look amazing. I have thyroid issues, anxiety and depression and Irish twins (technically they're 13 months apart so we just missed the "cut off") and it's really hard to find the time, motivation- like you said- "yada, yada, yada".

    Thank you for putting it in perspective!
  • IdLikeToLoseItLoseIt
    IdLikeToLoseItLoseIt Posts: 695 Member
    This is very inspiring, well done! Thank you for sharing. :)
  • tigger9759
    tigger9759 Posts: 55 Member
    First: your hair is to die for! And second, awesome job! I have triplets and hypothyroidism so I feel your pain; thanks for the extra motivation!
  • momoftwins985
    momoftwins985 Posts: 653 Member
    Thank you all!

    And triplets?? How do you survive?? Lol my twins are 4 years old and they are slowly draining my sanity, I can't imagine an extra one of them @tigger9759
  • vrokhfit
    vrokhfit Posts: 55 Member
    You look great! We have very similar body types and my starting weight is very similar to yours so this gives me so much motivation!
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