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  • I have chosen not to - based on BAD allergic reactions my Dad and daughter got from flu shots. Both got hives - my Dad's were so bad that big sheets of flesh were peeling off his arms - my daughter still had hives weeks later when she got married.... so my DNA link to those two makes me leery (and I break out in hives…
  • I agree that THIS is the way to handle it - show them a better (and yet just as tasty) way to prepare food! And how to broach that with the rest of the family?? "I found this great recipe for _______ that I want to try - let me bring that to dinner?"
  • A dear friend who is also a trainer, gave me some tough love (that I continued to ignore for a while, even though he is absolutely right). His Quote: "Make it a PRIORITY; or stop complaining and learn to live with your failures" Yeah - it's harsh; and it's the truth. Once I finally became committed to (honestly) logging my…
  • Well, Happy Birthday and best wishes towards your goal!!!
  • I'm another one who tastes a strong metallic taste with stevia - yuck! But Splenda seems fine to me. I guess taste buds are a very individual thing.
  • LOL! My taste buds run the opposite - stevia has a NASTY metallic aftertaste (to me, at least). I DO avoid the "sugar alcohols" like maltitol, sorbitol, etc. They upset my stomach.
  • I love Splenda - I add 2 packets to my morning protein shake. Regarding "good" or "bad" - everybody wants to villainize something; and just about everything we eat is "bad" for us if done to excess. I'm probably far more likely to die in a car accident, than from consuming sweeteners - and I still choose to drive every day.
  • This statement from the article: "Modern life is killing children with the number of youngsters diagnosed with cancer rising 40 per cent in the past 16 years because of air pollution, pesticides, poor diets and radiation, scientists have warned." I have a problem with this; plus the rise of ADHD and Autism - there's an…
  • I love how the latest Diet Pill always has the disclaimer *when combined with a moderate eating and exercise plan* Well, Duh. Now we're back to CICO and instead of the expensive pills/meals/supplements, go spend the money saved, on a good pair of shoes.
  • My Vivofit "syncs", but MFP doesn't credit me with steps above-and-beyond the normal activity. My calories from MFP transfer to my Vivofit; so the Vivo might say I ate less than my total calorie burn for the day - but MFP will still insist I ate too many calories. I'll be watching your post to see if someone more techie…
  • How about a hybrid SUV?
  • And we've got another supportive group for 55+ going here:
  • I DO know people who get by on 4 to 6 hours of sleep each night. If you're making good food choices and getting enough exercise and feel fine, you're probably "one of those people". Me?? If I don't get enough sleep, then I tend to crave carbs (specifically sugar) for the energy I'm actually lacking due to sleep deprivation.
  • Answering the other question: wet grass will either stick to the underside of the deck, and then stink.... or it will rust out the mower deck. My last mower rusted out to the point where the motor hit the ground
  • Hormones can do this to us, too - just wait until you hit perimenopause :-(
  • Yup - my husband is "skinnyfat". 6'3", weighs 175 lbs or so. Size 32 waist. Gets zero exercise other than puttering with cars. Two weeks ago, he had surgery to repair a hernia - his surgeon said the "bulge" was just FAT pushing through the abdominal wall. My husband was incredulous - just because he doesn't have obvious…
  • I've read that periods can get irregular (or vanish altogether) when a woman's fat percentage drops really low? It's probably Mother Nature making sure she doesn't conceive during stressful times??
  • This biggest drawback to the lack of carbs, is "fuzzy brain". Two dragracing friends of my husband's went on the Adkin's diet, and did lose weight. But one of the components of the "time sheet" given at the end of a run, is "reaction time". In other words, that split second from the moment your eyes see the green light,…
  • My daily treat is 2 cans of Diet Coke with lime - yum!! My Doctor said this is a perfectly healthy treat. 4 liters might be a tad high - I agree with others who suggest backing this down a bit and alternating with a different beverage? My first thought is getting quality sleep with all that caffeine in your system might be…
  • I'm at work. I own the place - can do whatever I want.
  • Nope - not completely. Speaking from a female point of view, about my previous lackluster marriage - when there is no *spark*, it's hard to muster desire. My ex would be critical or non-communicative all evening, then once in bed, a nudge on the foot and the question "ya wanna do it?", was hardly what it took to make…
  • I put my scale on a 2' x 2' piece of 3/4" plywood, or else it gives me goofy readings when placed on carpet alone. To the OP: yes, water-weight can play tricks with you (especially if you're a pre-menopausal female). Just stick with your routine and ride it out....
  • That's a WAY heavy threat - only to be used in the case where you're down to your bottom dollar and the cupboard is empty, and the other half wants to join a gym (smack forehead). Divorce should NEVER be used as a threat for "compliance" - or else it shows a real lack of commitment. Regarding your earlier question about…
  • I failed, big time. Mistook some spotting for my (light) periods - was 3-1/2 months pregnant by the time I wandered into my Dr office....LOL!
  • There's another aspect, IMO - great "guy friends" don't always come along that often. I would rather keep a great friend, than risk the relationship by adding dimensions where jealousy/hurt/anger/disappointment can rear their ugly head. The surest way to add those dimensions is by having sex.....
  • ^^^This. My mom was a T2D; and despite my warnings, she didn't understand Glycemic responses. She was convinced that as long as she could balance her blood sugar by injecting more insulin, she was fine. I tried to tell her that insulin creates problems, and she should aspire to use less. But what did I know, right? She was…
  • Are you drinking enough water?? That helps the psyllium, etc do their work. And exercise. My neighbor had an intestinal blockage (that was finally resolved non-surgically) - but spent 11 days in the hospital. I'm not suggesting you take a laxative - but keep up with as much fiber as you can stand. Blockages are serious…
  • There's a hundred ways to look at "fat". Some people distribute it pretty evenly over their bodies, so they don't generally "look fat". Also, you probably carry yourself so that you don't "walk fat". You can be active and bubbly and bouncy, so you don't "act fat". You can be muscular, which will tilt your BMI toward…
  • I'm there in the winter. I'll say Cocoa, because even Floridians don't know where Rockledge is....LOL!