Insomnia? From weight loss?

I'm down about 20 lbs and find that if I have been a little bit lazy, I will not sleep. But the next day I'm too tired to walk two miles. This is a vicious cycle. I'm buying some unisom today so I WILL sleep. But it's like a buzz that I cannot turn off. Last time I lost weight I had a HARD physical af job. Didn't bother me then. I think my metabolism is like a teenager w 'roid rage. Like I've given it a little kick in the butt it's not used to and it just flips out! Not complaining Bc Its not uncommon for me to lose a lb in a day. Or a half lb consistently. I'm not super worried about that Bc I am significantly large. 294 lbs. and the quicker it leaves the better I feel. Not on meds or anything. Just vitamins.

I have two cups of coffee in the morning (larger cups lol) and that's it. Nothing but water after that. I've always been kinda peppy, despite my weight but good grief. Im losing my mind.

Anyone else have this?


  • Bxqtie116
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    Same here. Usually once a week I'm up all night. I'll feel sleepy but once I hit the sack, I lay there for hours trying to fall asleep. One time I fell asleep at 3am but have to get up for work at 5. Or I'll sleep 3 hours in the night, wake up at 3 and can't fall back asleep. And the funny thing is I'll go about my day with the same energy as if I've slept 8 hours. It's almost like my body cant sleep past 6 hours. If I get more than that, it takes away from the next night.
  • tracymayo1
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    Try taking Melatonin instead of the other stuff. It is what your body naturally uses for get you sleepy, and you can take it 30-60 minutes before your bed time.
    It should really help you without chemicals.
    My DH uses it and is a chronic insomniac until he started using this enough to have his body 'rest' as it were...

    something to try
  • grannynot
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    Hormones can do this to us, too - just wait until you hit perimenopause :-(
  • leanjogreen18
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    I have to take melatonin to sleep. I use the Olly gummy brand. Google it and see if it would work for you.
  • peterpekos
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    You may want to look at dr Weil and his yogic breathing for help to calm you mind and help with sleep.
  • lorrpb
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    Yes, my sleep doctor said that weight loss as well as increased exercise both can affect your chemical balance, hormones, etc, ultimately affecting sleep.