Age 50+ Trying to lose 50+



  • kaui57
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    Thank you all for your thoughtfulness. Still a little achy, but not going to let it get me down. So easy to emotionally eat when I'm not feeling well. Glad I have some place to check in when I'm feeling like this. I finished logging for yesterday. Started logging today. Didn't get to blog yesterday, but hoping to do it today. It helps me. Welcome to "dinipoco", and all our new members! One day at a time folks, let's go!
  • ladyj44
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    Hello everyone, I just turned 50 this year and would love to be a member of this group. I have struggled with losing weight for a little while now, and since I retired from the military, it has gotten a little worse, because of my back pain, knee pain and everything else that hurts. I am just starting to workout again, so I am taking it one day at a time, if I can get my eating under control, I think I will be okay. Sweets!! are my weakness...looking to lose at leas 30lbs.
    LUV2CARDIO Posts: 7 Member
    I'm in as long as nobody calls me a "senior" :D my head says I'm 30, just don't tell my battered 53 year old body it's not 30. I just recently went back to my trainer (only for the part where it forces me to go to the gym) to get back on track. Want to lose roughly 50-60..we shall see!
  • kaui57
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    Welcome ladyj44! Nice to have a veteran join us. Thank you for your service! I totally get the sweets thing that's me too. Hang in there! Welcome LUV2CARDIO. Now that's a name I wish I could live up to. I certainly will not call you the "S" name. Hey, 50 is the new 30 right???!! Sound like your back on track, that's great! We can do this together!
  • Catawampous
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    54 with roughly 50lbs to loose. I'm in this for a life change so that 50 could be 40 or 60. It will depend on how I look in my old clothes but MOSTLY on how I feel. I'll know goal when I feel it :) ... add me if you like!
  • cabwj
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    Good morning! I have started a group for folks over 50 trying to lose 50 pounds or more. I will try to get invites out to all who have posted in this thread.

    Here is a link:
  • soobools
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    Can I join, too? I'm 53 and I just recently lost 93 pounds. It has taken about 2 years. I would like to lose 20 more pounds, truthfully, but I'm wearing a size 10 pants now so if I stay here, I'm okay with that, too. I plateau'ed around the beginning of the year but I need some motivation to move a little more.
  • Suzy_in_DE
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    Hi There - 53 years young and looking to lose 25+. Lot's in common with some previous posters. I've always been active/fit and ate pretty well my adult life, but over the years have gradually increased in weight. I really have to discipline myself and realize most weight loss for me is done in the kitchen and watching everything I eat. To mix things up I started Cross Fit last September and really love it. Like another poster, I can't do all the moves, but I give each workout 100% and definitely have more muscle than I did this time last year. Looking forward to cheering everyone on this journey.
  • go_gal
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    Would love to join this group. I'm 59 and would love to lose 100 lbs! One day at a l lb at a long as it keeps moving in the right direction! :)
  • cabwj
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    I've sent invites to all so far. If you didn't get it just go to the link to join. Looking forward to seeing everyone there.
  • Oh2BeMaintaining
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    I am 51 and started back 2 weeks ago. I have a very long way to go but I'm going to get there! Feel free to friend me I'd love to have some new friends.
  • Allaboutthebeach
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    New to MFP. 54 and looking to lose 50. Enjoy reading everyone's post and hope we can all help each other on our journeys.
  • kaui57
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    Delighted all of you have joined us. Welcome to the group! I have a long way to go too, that's why I need support so easy to slip. I enjoy reading all of your posts too. Soobools, I think I was 10 (years old) when I wore a size 10 pants. Good for you! Well, I need to check in and report that I had a weight gain of 1.2 pounds since I last weighed in on 8/17. All the babying I did for myself shows after I had oral surgery. Too many vanilla lattes and muffins. I'm starting to eat like my young fellow college students. Sugar and caffeine are always on the menu for them. But I, unlike them, cannot metabolise all that sugar like they can, so I gotta change it up. I'm hoping my report is better at my next weigh in. Thanks friends!
  • vlbarnes2014
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    I just started my new healthy lifestyle too. I am 58 and have 54 pounds to lose. I started a week ago on a very low calorie diet supervised by a doctor. I tried the my fitness pal app 2 years ago and just was not motivated enough to do this without some type of accountability! I lost 4 pounds my first week! I am having to eat limited foods on this diet but it is working as long I stick to it. Glad to have found this group and hope to be able to check in
  • grannynot
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  • kaui57
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    Welcome vlbarnes2014! Trying to lose weight has always been the hardest thing for me. I tried MFP off and on too, but never was accountable to anyone. This is helping me be honest knowing that I have this group that I created and that I need to work just as hard as everyone else and just be honest when things are not going well. Just like you, I check in. We're here for you on your good and bad days. Congratulations on your 4 pounds loss. One day at a time you can do it!
  • barefootot
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    Glad to find the group. 52, trying to lose 100. Looking forward to being part of the group!
  • go_gal
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    Welcome to the group!
  • Pamme54
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    Hi all,
    I'm new here; over 50 in age with over 50 to lose. Due to a broken foot I'm unable to get much exercise in so I mainly have to watch my food intake. Currently I feel like Pavlo's dog... the mere mention of food has me salivating just because I can't have it even though I'm often not really hungry when I eat. I could really, REALLY use some support buddies willing to share some motivation and tips so I can succeed in my goal to be more fit. How do I join your group? Many thanks.
  • darvit207
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    Pamne54 I know where you are coming from! I just finished PT for knee surgery inJune. That was after ankle surgery last November & back surgery last February. I gained 30 lbs in 4 years & just when I get back on my feet from one injury I'm back down again. It's a struggle to watch what you eat when your recovering. All I can suggest is take one day at a time. Hang in there!