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  • I know, I'm daft. It wasn't until I thought about it that I realised how much more walking I've been doing. I wear a fitbit and assumed the adjustment of calories was accurate so although I've eaten back the calories given, it's possible that it's not enough.
  • Yup. D'oh. Thank you!!
  • I have done this because I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic. I've actually found it harder to maintain my weight this way.
  • I didn't lose weight with covid but I get a lot of quite severe chest infections and often lose a bit of weight then. Could it be fluid loss?
  • Thank you. I am actually a fidgiter and rarely sit still but have always been that way. Thinking about it,I've been walking a lot more (in an attempt to lower my blood sugar)so maybe it's that. Thanks for the tips :)
  • Thank you, I'm pretty sure I haven't been in a deficit but as you say,it's not an exact thing. Normally I maintain on around 2300. I've increased to 2500. I'm not a big eater and suspect I'd struggle to eat more!
  • Same here. I have disconnected my fitbit for the moment
  • Quinoa? It's also a complete protein
  • Thank you. I'm in the UK, we have diabetes nurses. I could ask to be referred to a dietician. Thanks for the advice.
  • Thank you ,I did fear it could be the steroids. I'm on a biological drug for the colitis which has got me into remission but unfortunately, I had been on steroids for so long that I'm now steroid dependent. I will aim to lose a few pounds and see if that brings the sugar levels down .
  • I'm 66 next birthday, I should have said that in my op. Way past menopause! I am on a long term low dose of steroids which is the likely reason, I've been told, though it's true I've gained more fat on my belly since the menopause. Thank you for your advice.
  • I don't need to lose weight though. I'm 5' 3" and weigh around 125lbs. The cause of my raised sugar levels is likely to be that I'm on a low dose of steroids for ulcerative colitis and asthma. You could be right though; I could probably lose a few pounds with no ill effect.
  • I have the same issues. Nuts and nut butters are my friend. Plus full fat dairy (yoghurt, cheese,cream),shakes made with full fat dairy and protein powder , porridge (oatmeal),adding oil to vegetables ,soups etc.. Eating smaller, more frequent meals has definitely helped me to gain weight. I just don't have a big enough…
  • The resistance band link takes me to the Daily Mirror? Edit :oops just seen the date on the OP!
  • Mine have always been like that but are more noticeable after exercise. Not sure about dehydration - I have to have regular infusions and my veins are harder to find if I'm dehydrated. I doubt it's anything serious but do you have access to a medical professional you could speak to by phone?
  • I'm in the UK too. You could ask to be referred to a qualified dietician, it's free on the NHS? I do understand - 112 lbs may be OK on the bmi scale but it's about how you feel.
  • I found it did nothing for insomnia. And I've heard that with anxiety you should take only a small dose. It's trial and error, with different brands, different ingredients (some relax, some stimulate) and different doses
  • I tried vaping it because I'd heard (anecdotally) that it might help inflammation (I have ulcerative colitis) I did actually lose weight (which wasn't my goal) - it seemed to curb my appetite. I stopped using it because having no appetite is miserable, in my opinion. Could have been pure coincidence.
  • God knows. I've only just noticed it.
  • Hi there, I was about to post something similar! Though my issues are less severe than yours. I have ulcerative colitis and until about 3 months ago was in remission due to biological meds but am currently flaring. I've never been a volume eater and get full quickly so am reliant on calorie dense foods for weight gain but…