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Gaining weight with serious GI diseases

As y'all probably know, I am very underweight (105 lbs at 5'8) because of gastroparesis, Crohn's and malabsorption. My intake by mouth is very limited (low fat and low fiber) and I get most of my calories through my jejunostomy feeding tube. I get 1980 calories a day via my j tube plus whatever I get by mouth. My weight has been very stable for a while but fluctuates a bit. I also have an ileostomy which makes my GI tract really short (jejunum to ileum) when I use my j tube. Whenever I gain a few lbs it is usually water weight that I quickly lose. My medical team and I are frustrated because obviously I am not absorbing all of my formula. Anyone else out there in a similar situation (underweight because of health reasons and can't seem to gain?)


  • Chieflrg
    Chieflrg Posts: 9,082 Member
    I had a ileostomy a few years ago when I had my rectum and some colon removed.

    I literally was eating everything I could to keep my weight up for surgeries and treatments.

    I would hazard eating a lot of fatty cuts of meat would help because it takes longer to digest than liquid diets. I ate quite of bit of ice cream, candy, lil Debbie type snacks to at least get more cals in. Of course this was part of my game plan by all my doctors.

    Perhaps throw out the idea and see if the pros outweighs the cons.
  • comptonelizabeth
    comptonelizabeth Posts: 1,689 Member
    Hi there, I was about to post something similar! Though my issues are less severe than yours. I have ulcerative colitis and until about 3 months ago was in remission due to biological meds but am currently flaring. I've never been a volume eater and get full quickly so am reliant on calorie dense foods for weight gain but at the moment I'm unable to tolerate most of them and am losing weight quickly. Like you, I can't eat high fat foods at the moment. I have no easy answers, I'm finding it helps to eat little and often but don't know if that's possible for you. Can you tolerate those (revolting) high calorie drinks such as fortisip?
  • Sharina1726
    Sharina1726 Posts: 1 Member
    I'm under 100 pounds! I completely understand your struggle to gain
  • ColetteM6
    ColetteM6 Posts: 138 Member
    Who on earth is hitting the “disagree” button on this thread?!
  • comptonelizabeth
    comptonelizabeth Posts: 1,689 Member
    ColetteM6 wrote: »
    Who on earth is hitting the “disagree” button on this thread?!

    God knows. I've only just noticed it.