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  • I don’t binge because I don’t count calories anymore. I listen to my body and eat when I’m hungry. I just happen to eat less on keto.
  • I don’t binge because I practice intuitive eating. It’s the only way to eat like a bit person. This is why I’m doing keto because it’s so healthy. Carbs are not healthy.
  • About 3k or more a day. That’s what carbs do to me and why I’m gaining weight. I actually practice intuitive eating because I think it’s the right way to go and don’t restrict my calories at all. But what we put into our bodies satisfies us in different ways. I don’t need willpower or to “ get ahold of myself and stay…
  • Well I can’t live like I’m living for the rest of my life it’s making me so miserable that I have such a voracious appetite and all I’m doing is gaining weight. This is about my emotional health and self esteem and what eating healthy means to me personally. I may like fruit but it’s just not good for me it messes with my…
  • I was on seroquel for years and the weight gain is real. When I was off it the weight fell off naturally, on it it climbed rapidly.
  • Holiday dinners really do it to me so this year I’m just sticking to turkey/ham gravy and veggies. Last Christmas I gained 10 pounds in one day from water retention! No thanks
  • SW 172.8 10/7 172.8
  • Thank you x I’ve done well on the diet before it’s just the cravings that get me. But I heard they last 2 weeks at most.
  • Thank you for your advice I appreciate it. I just need to make it through the initial transition phase. I’ve got pickles and butter which are supposed to help with cravings as well as l glutamine
  • I’ve done a 40/30/30 ratio and that didn’t work either. Keto was the only time I got down to 3 meals a day and could go hours without eating.
  • I appreciate everyone’s advice on here even though I’m not the OP. I kept hearing that the only way to stop binging was to practice intuitive eating and basically eat whatever, whenever your body tells you and now I need to lose 18 pounds. If I hadn’t been so restrictive at 1200 calories I never would have developed a…
  • I did keto for 3 months and it destroyed my LDL. Now I have to work on lowering it when I never had this issue in my entire life. Keto also caused me to start binge eating from the deprivation. You can’t even have a simple piece of fruit on that diet. “A small amount of berries” is not enough. I eat what I love now within…
  • If you want it to only count steps and not additional exercise turn off the auto detect for the exercises you do and only steps will be logged
  • I did keto for 3 months to quickly lose the last 20 pounds to get to goal last winter. It backfired on me because I felt so extremely deprived that I started binge eating and that lasted 5 months. Then I switched to weight watchers and that made me feel guilty whenever I wanted a food I loved because the points were so…
  • I eat 40/30/30 naturally because that’s what I crave. Mostly Whole Foods that make me feel healthy with a little junk for satisfaction. Carbs are not the enemy
  • You have to be able to eat in a way that is sustainable for you. If you only eat “clean” or think of it as a diet it will backfire on you. I eat healthy Whole Foods most of the time but I sure love my chocolate and have it every day. It’s the only way I can eat at a deficit without feeling deprived.
  • Hello my friend ltns xx. I left MFP for awhile to try weight watchers and intuitive eating. I am now up 17 pounds. Still at a healthy weight but not happy at all with the way I look. I lost 70 pounds last year on MFP so I’m going back to what I know works for me. I’m also learning to distinguish the difference between what…
  • This is perfect thank you!
  • Yes ty that’s great advice and what I’ve ended up doing it makes the most sense. We don’t get the same amount of activity in every day.
  • Yes I’m at the bottom calorie floor of 1200 whether it’s set at lightly active or active and the additional calories earned are the same. I found the negative adjustment setting on the main website so that’s turned on. I switched it to sedentary in case I do absolutely nothing that day.
  • I can’t find the negative adjustment setting only how to turn on exercise calories is that it? It creates a negative amount to meet before I start earning on lightly active but not active.
  • Ty all. I know I can always come here for sound advice and information. I am realizing that there is a difference between what I “need” and what I “want”. That we as humans may actually be programmed to overeat to prepare for possible famine. That may have been why I’ve put on 17 pounds. I think that MFP nudges us toward…
  • Well I was going by my Fitbit calculations yesterday and I think it completely overestimated my calorie burn. So I disconnected it from mfp and just set myself to lightly active which for the same 10,000 steps gave me 200 calories on mfp instead of the 700 that Fitbit gave me which is why I think I haven’t been losing any…
  • 10 pounds I have it set to 0.5 pounds a week right now and this would be 200 calories higher
  • I’m on 150mg of topomax and it hasn’t helped me at all. My doctor told me for it to be at an effective level to suppress appetite it needs to be around 300 to 400 mg. However I am taking something different that HAS started to help me. A drug called Metformin that is used to treat diabetes, PCOS and metabolic disorder. I…
  • I am 5 days into keto and have no desire to eat chocolate anymore it's wonderful. For the first 3 days I was hungry but yesterday my appetite was so diminished that I didn't eat lunch til 3 hours later and almost skipped dinner. My ketone test came to 2.2 yesterday so I am happy to be in the fat burning zone. I am however…
  • Ty for being supportive and understanding on here. I find myself feeling attacked at times and like people make assumptions i.e. overweight from overeating so therefore they can afford the food. Peanut butter is a great option and only 2 tblsp adds about 190 calories so that's great. I just have to mentally adjust to…