Question, How did you lose your weight?



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    I love this thread.
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    I'm 52, soon to be 53 and I've lost 42 (with 10 more to go) with calorie counting.
    I go to the gym 3 days a week and I lift weights for 30 and do 30 on the treadmill with a 10 minute cooldown.
    I pretty much eat whatever I want (except sugar) as long as I maintain my deficit.
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    Be honest with yourself, track everything you eat.
    Eat around .8-1g protein per body weight.
    Have cheat meals once in a while.
    Start off with a lower calorie deficit and slowly increase it or increase cardio when weight stalls.
    Any “diet” works as long as you’re dedicated to it. They all result in a calorie deficit which is required for weight loss. I find intermittent fasting to be very good for myself and most people.
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    I absolutely cannot wait till I have success pics to share like these!!! So motivating and encouraging!! Keep them coming!!!!
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    I have lost 20 pounds since the beginning of July. I count calories, eat what I want, and exercise.

    Diets like Keto can be successful, but I can’t restrict myself to certain foods, and I can’t be bothered to follow rules on what not to eat.

    Counting calories has proved to be the simplest and most successful way for me. There are no rules except eat in a calorie deficit. And I love it!!
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    Honestly? Eating less and moving more haha it was so crazy for me Bc I had Fad dieted for years and thought being miserable was the ONLY way to lose weight
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    Also, another key to sustainability is to make sure you have chosen the appropriate weekly weight loss goal. 2 lbs a week is only for those who are quite obese, have a TDEE that can support a daily 1000 calorie deficit, and/or don't find it miserable eating at a daily 1000 calorie deficit. Don't try to power through a deficit that is too aggressive for you, or you may either end up bingeing or becoming discouraged & giving up altogether.

    I think 2 lbs a week is doable for most people (unless they are underweight of course). I participated in a weight loss challenge earlier this year with my women's fitness group to lose 10 lbs in 5 weeks. I only had around 10 lbs to lose (from 135 to 125), but I did it. I entered my food into MFP and exercised several days a week. Another thing I did was to nearly eliminate sugar, which isn't exactly easy, but for me it is the simplest way to lose weight.

    Good luck agrube1968!

    For most, 1% of bodyweight is the sustainable amount of weight to lose per week. You also have to take into account the baseline amount for nutrition (1,200/day for women, 1,500/day for men) and making sure you don't drop below. I'm still considered obese, but a rate of 2lbs/week would require me to consume less than 1,200/day, so I stay at 1lb/week.

    Also keep in mind that a significant amount of weight loss in the beginning tends to be water weight loss, as a decrease in calories often correlates with a decrease in salt and other water retention-y foods, which causes you to dump water. The weight on the scale isn't necessarily fat loss, but anytime you hear weight loss per week around here, assume it's fat loss, not water weight.
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    I have seen so many success stories and before and after pics of people who have lost 40, 50, 100 or more lbs. and I am just curious how did you do it?

    Did you follow low carb or Keto diet? Did you count calories? Weight Watchers? Some other plan? I'm still struggling with finding out what's going to work the best for me. I am successful with low carb but my only problem with it is finding side dishes; I am not a veggie person; about the only veggies I like are the ones you can't have on low carb (and you can only eat so much cottage cheese before you get burned out on it).

    So I'm wondering if just counting calories would be the best thing for me. I could have anything I wanted (in moderation) so I wouldn't feel so deprived but then again I don't want it to be something that will set me up for failure. Does that make any sense? Maybe something more stricter would be better for me; I just don't know.

    Anyway would love to have your input on how you lost weight; struggles you had along the way; how you over came those. How much you exercised (if any) and what types of exercise you did and how often. Thanks so much and sorry for so many questions!

    Also please feel free to add me as a friend; I love making new friends on here!

    I went from 2x to medium bottoms. The biggest thing I did was not quit. No matter what the scale said, I kept working at it, even when it just felt like I was running in place, or losing and gaining the same few pounds.

    I went ham on exercise. Like really extreme, because it's what I enjoy. IT'S NOT FOR EVERYONE.

    I worked on my diet more slowly - first reducing portions, using Lean Cuisines, etc., then trying cutting out sugar (didn't last), then cleaning up my diet, then the Tim Ferris diet (didn't work for me - too much gas and bloating), then habitual meals (the good that I learned from TF), then incorporating meal replacement shakes for one meal a day, tried intermittent fasting, basically everything, including low carb (made me too irritable). Overall, I lost a lot of weight and built a large, large amount of muscle (that is a very controversial statement around here btw, but true nonetheless). I stalled a while on the scale, so I started calorie counting. We'll see how it goes.

    Ultimately, what worked for me was to....NOT GIVE UP. Keep at it.

    Prayer helps me a lot to give me the strength and persistence. My advice is to not give up. Do what you can, and keep going. If it's too hard, slow down, and keep going. If you need to stop, press pause, and keep going. If a strategy isn't working, change it, and keep going. Whatever you do, keep at it, even when you don't think you are seeing results.

    The results come when you keep putting in the work day after day, week after week, month after month.

    Did I mention don't quit yet?

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    I didn't read through the thread....

    I counted calories, was super strict counting everything even measuring wine and exercised. I tried to exercise 30 minutes a day. I've always been quite active and I was training for something so i was exercise a lot but basically counting calories and working out in some capacity. I have now found running is great for melting stuff away. Also small attainable goals. If you are achieving success you are more likely to keep going at least I found that.

    Keep going you'll get there too
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    66lbs down, I did it by creating a caloric deficit, so eating less and moving more. I recommend exercise for overall feeling better, and also it's good for muscle definition.
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    Mine is actually a little odd. I didn’t realized I lost it until it was gone. I moved to the US for the year, I ended up making a lifestyle change without knowing, Including my new job and running around on days off having fun. I ended up doing 10-13 miles of walking a day and eating about 1500-2000 calories because I was too busy to eat constantly. It wasn’t till I returned to the UK and weighed myself losing over 50lbs. I thought “obviously I’m gonna carry on” and that was it. Now I spend my time at the gym and stick to 1,200 calories
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    when I started I put my stats into mfp, it gave me almost 1600/cal/day & I just stuck to that (lost 50lbs) As I lost it gave me less calories. Eventually it gave me 1200, don't want to do that so I set it to lose 1/2 lbs/wk which is 1440. I usually go over since I want to lose 10 more lbs but I'm ok if I don't. I actually started eating so many more foods that I didn't before. I eat so I can eat like I do the rest of my life. Just regular foods, just less. If I went on a "diet" & went back to regular eating after weight loss, I'd gain it all back & I never want to weigh 198 again. As time went by I experimented with what sustains me more. For me it's more protein & fats than anything else. I don't restrict carbs but I noticed I naturally eat lesser carbs, they always made me sluggish. I do eat more veggies, I was never a fruit eater but now I love them. I mostly put it in the smoothies I make but they're so good in my yogurt too. I've "settled " into a good eating pattern for me after trying many things like eating small meals throughout the day. I never liked breakfast(tried that for a while) I have a big brunch 500 cal of baked potato sauteed in butter with some ham & cheese with eggs on top & english muffin. It keeps me till dinner or I might have a smoothie or yogurt before. Dinner is some type of meat/poultry or fish with veggies prepared in different ways, then snack like popcorn, yogurt or even an egg muffin. If we plan to go to a family get together, I just have less brunch or just have yogurt so I can enjoy the food with family. I love baking & stews so during the winter I use the recipe builder. I am lucky I don't care for sweets much like my husband does so I don't struggle with that but he has lost 60 lbs not using anything but just cutting back on sweets & giving up soda. I was always active but upped my exercise some. You have to experiment & find what is sustainable for you
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    forgot to mention I got a food scale when I started & weigh EVERYTHING I eat & eat back most of my exercise calories too
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    Step 1. Eat less
    Step 2. Move more

    Repeat as needed.
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    I did keto for 3 months to quickly lose the last 20 pounds to get to goal last winter. It backfired on me because I felt so extremely deprived that I started binge eating and that lasted 5 months. Then I switched to weight watchers and that made me feel guilty whenever I wanted a food I loved because the points were so high like I was being penalized. What if I don’t want to eat the zero point foods? Both diets were completely unrealistic and just that: a diet. I lost 70 pounds last year with MFP because I could eat what I love and still lose weight. I do eat healthy most of the time because that’s what I crave but still have my chocolate but now I don’t have to feel guilt.
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    VUA21 wrote: »
    Step 1. Eat less
    Step 2. Move more

    Repeat as needed.
    Yep! That’s really all there is to it.

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    It’s a long story, but in a but in a nutshell I’ve lost a total of 70 lbs so far (from my highest weight ever) using CICO and weightlifting 5-6 days a week, 40 min p/d, plus 20 min cardio after each weightlifting workout.