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  • Agree with above. Start logging all your food. This will be very educational.
  • You do not have to drink. Alcohol is a carcinogen. Just say club soda and lime please, or whatever sounds good to you and enjoy the drink and the company. You might inspire others to lower their alcohol or quit. This is peer pressure in the worst sense.
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  • I would add a rest day. Your body would probably benefit from the rest. As for calories, I agree that you could eat more while weighing in a couple of days per week and making adjustments. Maintenance is difficult!
  • You have lost significant weight so congratulations! The weight lifting is a great addition for your general health. I think your idea of eating maintenance for a while and continuing a healthful diet and your strength program is a fine idea.
  • Since you lost 8-10 lbs the first week, even with the gain of 2lbs (not really a weight gain but a fluid adjustment probably ) you are still significantly down from the start. Your routine is impressive! Maybe overdoing it a bit. This is a marathon; not a sprint! as the saying goes. I can feel your motivation from your…
  • Processed foods like those packaged cookie things are filled with chemicals, sugar and are just BAD for you. There are healthier alternatives.
  • Add snacks during the day and try for 200 cal per snack. Do you like smoothies? They can be healthful and high in calories. For example; yogurt (I use non-dairy yogurt), banana, maple syrup. Snack on raisins and other dry fruit.
  • How much strength training do you do? Adding muscle tissue is so healthful as well as beautiful. It's a habit to start and continue. Once you start, you'll probably want to continue.
  • You've received some wise comments. Stopping smoking is number one for you. You've done it before so you can do it this time and it will be forever. Follow some of the good tips above and good luck. (former smoker)
  • Congratulations on your winning three weeks and on all those steps you're taking every day! Keep it up!
  • The tingling should be discussed with your doctor. It doesn't happen just with change in body weight. Good luck!
  • Agree with the patient approach with the focus on the rest of your life. If you stick with MFP, you should not gain the weight back. I try to exercise and burn some calories so I can eat more nutritious food. Wish you very good luck. Remember the saying: "you make your own luck"!
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  • If you have stairs at home, in your apartment building or available elsewhere , running or walking stairs might work for you. No cost at all.
  • In general, a poached egg should have less calories than an omelette since no butter or oil is involved. Do you know the calories in Dave's killer bread. It sounds fine to me.
  • Be patient! The first few months are hard when you dont have 'tried and try" recipes to fall back on. Try variations on vegan sandwiches from the classic tomato sandwich to mashed avocado on bread, to hummus and cucumber sandwich etc. The fake chicken patties make good starts for a meal.
  • I calculated your BMI on the NIH on line calculator and it was 27. Your goal is to be under 25 for health so I think you need to very gradually lose some more fat. If you just plateau for a while and continue your good exercise program, maybe you can re-motivate and lose some more fat. Take a look at the web site and…
  • Are you logging in all your meals and snacks on myfitnesspal? You can't change what you don't measure.
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  • It sounds as if you have the motivation to lose weight. Motivation is the start of a real change. MFP is a great tool. Keep it up daily and read what you can about nutrition. Maybe take a look at Dr Phil's book on weight loss. Or other books. The library has shelves of them. It's one meal at a time.
  • If you set a more realistic goal of 1/2 to 1 pound a week, you will have more success. Please think past the magic date of your wedding and look forward to your life afterwards. This is a marathon; not a sprint.
  • Congratulations on reading the China Study and seeing the film "Forks over Knives." You are smart to give a plant based diet a try or maybe for life. I've been a vegetarian for over 20 years. The transition takes a couple of months until you get used to new meal ideas, new food shopping. So many foods are improved now as…
  • Research is in the early stages so try to keep current with the articles. I use Culturelle which is a single bacteria probiotic. It's a kind of lactobacillus that has been shown not to be destroyed by the stomach's acids. I also try to eat non-dairy yogurt with live cultures from time to time.
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  • You should be proud of your accomplishment so far. You are right to aim for BMI in the healthy range. That is an important goal.
  • Try to only include healthful vegan foods like fruits, vegetables , legumes, nuts, whole grains. There are wonderful vegan recipes and you can experiment. I make homemade granola which makes a scrumptious breakfast with non-dairy milk and fruit. 100% whole wheat bread makes great sandwiches. And you have lots of calories…
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