Soon to start trying to maintain weight

I am a 33 year old male, 173 cm in length, that has gone from 78kg to 70kg over six or seven weeks.
My plan is to go down to 68 or 66 before slowing down and trying to maintain that weight.

I have never had much trouble loosing weight but I always fail at maintaining it and usually gain weight back within 6 months.
I currently eat ~1600 kcal a day and exercise 7 days a week, mixed weight training and cardio.

I plan to start by bringing my intake up to 1800 kcal and see how that goes and then adjust again but I feel I really have no clue how much I should eat to keep my weight.
Various online calculators say 2500 but that seems way to much imo.

Any input or tips are most welcome.


  • sijomial
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    You are losing weight very rapidly, slow down. The leaner you get the slower you should try and lose.

    Seems like you are swinging from excessive deficit to rapid weight gain - you need to find the middle ground. Start now.

    2500 is often given as the ballpark number for an average male to maintain.
    If you are exercising 7 days a week you are well above average in calorie needs!
  • geltner2
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    I would add a rest day. Your body would probably benefit from the rest. As for calories, I agree that you could eat more while weighing in a couple of days per week and making adjustments. Maintenance is difficult!
  • STEVE142142
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    Maintenance is the learning process that's probably harder than losing weight. Also when you go into maintenance I personally believe that you have to be more accurate and weigh your food more closely than when your losing weight because you have to learn what your maintenance level is. Yes you plug your stats into the app and it tells you how many calories to eat for what you have to remember is that should generic value based on a large population group. Everybody's going to be different and you have to figure that out