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I also have been on and off of this app but after going to the doctor today and seeing those numbers on the scale at 217 I realize have to get it together and drop this weight. I've been tempted to do it the easy way but finances will not allow so I'm going to take this challenge one day at a time and pray that I stick with it this time.


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    I too am taking it one day at a time. I have done the protein shakes to lose the weight but when I stop using them the weight comes back. I need make it a lifestyle change for the rest of my life.
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    My problem is that I want an easy quick fix. I realize now that I need to put in the discipline and dedicate myself to making this a lifestyle change
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    I'm kind of in the same boat as you. A few years ago I weighed 215 at 5'8" and lost 50lbs. I've since gained 30 back and am now back in the saddle for good with the goal of losing those 30 lbs again. You can definitely do this without the easy fix. By doing it yourself you make yourself mentally and physically stronger knowing that YOU achieved this and not a surgeon. If you'd like some extra support, feel free to add me :-)
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    There's definitely so quick easy fix ( I wish ) or else we would all be thin and in great shape . I find slow and steady is best and really does keep the weight off than any fad diet or " quicker fix" best thing worked for me was joining a gym ( mines pretty affordable 28 per m with childcare ) I love it because it's my time alone ,in the zone just working in myself . Also logging everything and anything you eat on mfp so you can see exactly how much you're consuming . Measuring once a month Def helps , especially if you don't see scale move as much at least you see inches disappear ;) just start with any exercise that you like , walking ..riding a bike ..gym . At home workouts whatever it is . Doesn't have to cost money at all to workout , you can use your own body weight doing exercises or take long walks outside . Diet is the main thing to focus on , and burning more cals than you're consuming . You can still eat foods you enjoy , just keep to your calorie goal , you can do it !
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    Agree with the patient approach with the focus on the rest of your life. If you stick with MFP, you should not gain the weight back. I try to exercise and burn some calories so I can eat more nutritious food. Wish you very good luck. Remember the saying: "you make your own luck"!
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    Weight loss surgery is far from an "easy" fix. I've been following the Youtuber Boogie2988's weight loss struggle for years. He has finally been given approval for his gastric bypass surgery and the lifelong side effects are terrifying. Plus, there is a moderate chance of death during the operation. What makes it worse is that even after surgery, most patients still gain the weight back over the years. If your life isn't in immediate danger, surgery should never be an option, at least in my opinion.

    That being said, everyone that wishes to lose substantial weight needs to redefine what "quick" is to them. My SO and I lost 103 and 65 LBS in one year, and all things considered, that was pretty quick. We took It one day, one week, one month at a time. We learned how to eat properly and were able to maintain and lose a bit more the following year.

    We lost all of our weight with out exercising beyond normal daily activities. We are getting psyched up to start heading to the gym to get down to our final goals and tone up. Tomorrow will be our two year streak here on MFP and it doesn't feel like a "long time". Two to three years to get from 320 lbs to a healthy and, dare I say attractive, body seems like just the right amount of time.

    Feel free to friend and message me if you ever want advice or motivation. It's great to be able to give back to the community that helped me get started with my new life.
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    I am curious what this quick fix and easy way would be? And what you think would be easier doing that, what money could do about it, and what quick means to you? A year on a consistent calorie deficit will get you to a healthy weight, no need for prayers. Why have got on and off MFP before, why haven't you been able to stick to it, and what will you be doing differently this time?