Tired of being overweight and lazy

Trying to focus on better health and diet, I am absolutely not good at this. I know what and how but doing it....ugh. Maybe talking about it will give me the accountability I need. I am definitely an emotional eater!!


  • Fatvaporizer
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    You can do it! As a human being you have the power in you to achieve, succeed, and accomplish. Set goals with rewards, envision all the benefits that you'll get from accomplishing your goals. And never give up!
  • Cherimoose
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    I know what and how

    What's your plan? Describe it for us.
  • Momepro
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    Is it being lazy? Or is it that you have other things like a job, a family and health issues that are usually in your way and undercutting your attempts?
    If the first, then forcing yourself to be accountable and developing great habits by giving yourself constant reminders is generally the best way to go. If it's the second, stop beating up on yourself, and develop a plan that works around budget and timing and develop an exercise routine that works with your health and any pain issues. Get family to help with chores to give you a set exercise time. Learn to prep easy meals ahead of time. There are all sorts of tricks for getting around either true laziness, or actual lack of time/ energy. Just make sure you know which it is before you start.
  • nowine4me
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    I try to "emotional" eat fruits and veggies rather than ice cream and cookies. It works, most of the time. Work out your anger on a freshly steamed artichoke.
  • geltner2
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    It sounds as if you have the motivation to lose weight. Motivation is the start of a real change. MFP is a great tool. Keep it up daily and read what you can about nutrition. Maybe take a look at Dr Phil's book on weight loss. Or other books. The library has shelves of them. It's one meal at a time.