People Telling you to Stop Losing Already



  • JeromeBarry1
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    Even my doctor wanted me to stop while I was still in the overweight BMI, and she's a rail-thin Hindu vegan. I just realized that maybe she was talking about my weight on her scale, with clothes and shoes on. That's a solid 10 lb and the weight 10 lb below is in the healthy BMI. Anyway, in your case, your sister is not trained, qualified, or credentialed to give advice. Smile and stay on track. She's your sister. Love is optimal, obedience is not necessary.
  • Christine_72
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    Brutal honesty? I'd say keep losing. Or stay as you are if you're happy with how you look, it's totally up to you, not your sister!

    I am usually the last one on here to say "keep losing", because i see so many women trying to get down to or are at a really low weight for their height, and I more often than not say "STOP".

    For reference, I'm 5"8 and weigh around 147. I'm in maintenance now (most of the time).
  • DebLaBounty
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    Your sister is probably misinformed, and obviously believes some myth about how a body reaches a certain weight then reaches its "set point" beyond which you cannot lose any more. Maybe she read that in Glamour magazine or something and takes it as gospel. She is simply wrong. The pictures you posted show fabulous progress! If your sister keeps insisting that she's right about this, just tell her that you two must agree to disagree and you're done talking about it.
  • annabel92
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    Definitely just jealous!!! Sisters are the worst for that. I'm 5ft6 and I weigh 118lb; I'm still curvy - no bones showing and noone has implied I'm too skinny.

    Keep doing your thing! If you're happy, then great. If you want to keep going - do! :smile:
  • kokonani
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    Jealous, insecure,.. you are doing great! You can definitely drop to 125.
  • Jenn3452
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    I get this all the time from my coworkers I am 5'6 and 163lbs I have dropped 42 lbs total since I started in February . I am trying to get to 145, the constant criticizing is frankly just pissing me off but also keeping me motivated. It's all jealousy, do what YOU feel comfortable with no one else matters :smile:
  • animatorswearbras
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    I'd sit down and talk to her that you are just trying to get to a healthy weight and BMI even go to a doctor and ask their opinion, if your doctor agrees you should lose weight there's not alot she can do if you've been given medical instruction to lose weight and if she tries to argue that she knows better than a doctor tell her you don't think she's advising you for your best interests and all you want to do is be healthy. x
  • amtyrell
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    Often people have the excuses they tell themself and if you lose weight you prove your sister wrong. That she could do it but isn't. So they fight to hold onto those excuses sometimes holding others back in the process.
  • cass0314
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    You've made amazing progress! You should be very proud. The reality is that there are other people, family or otherwise, who have benefited in some way socially from being thinner than you over time. It's very possible that there is jealousy in the mix here. "As thin as your body will let you get" isn't really a thing- if you eat in a calorie deficit, your body will burn fat. You just keep hustling toward meeting your own goals and let her know you're happy to support her in setting an pursuing goals of her own. :)
  • HeliumIsNoble
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    I think your sister may simply be having a hard time adjusting, and she only sees how good you look now, not whether you have more to lose.

    For some people, seeing someone they care about visibly lose weight just pushes an almost instinctive "Welp! Are they ill?!" button very early.
  • geltner2
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    You should be proud of your accomplishment so far. You are right to aim for BMI in the healthy range. That is an important goal.
  • cbl40
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    Congratulations on your weight loss! Keep going and you will see some amazing results!
  • pezhed
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    I agree with the other posters. You keep doing what you're doing because you're looking great! My husband says his older sister is too skinny and he's worried for her health but in reality she looks really healthy and strong. My grandparents told my brother to tell me to stop losing weight because I was "falling off" the last time I was home. Family views are not necessarily based in reality but are instead based on love and concern.
  • vmbourg
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    I had similar issues with my younger sister. I was always very chunky and she is petite. In fact, she has hyper thyrodisim and most of her like was 5ft and 100lbs. After her second child she gained some weight, but still she was between 120lbs and 130lbs. A few years ago (pre pregnancy weight gain), i went down from 215lbs to 135lbs and I am 5ft 4. Well before I hit the 130's she kept saying I was losing to much weight, but it was the healthiest I have ever been. I ate clean and ran 5k's at least 3 times a week to burn the fat. I am not sure if it was jealousy but I think it was hard in her mind not to see my overweight, as I have ALWAYS been overweight since childhood. It was the first time in our lives that I could actually fit her clothing... So it may just take your sister time to get used to it. It might just be shock ! Keep up the great work, and just do what makes you feel good!!!
  • pandam00n
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    It could be jealousy, it could be concern - either way, if the two of you are close, why not ask her if she'd like to join you? Coming together could help the both of you ^^
    Share factual information to her to showcase that you aren't harming yourself by losing weight and getting fit, and that you'd like to see her happy and healthy too? :)