5 months to my wedding! Is my goal realistic?

I'm getting married at the end of December, I'm 5ft 2in and 11st 8lb. I would like to get down to 9 stone by my wedding. I'm willing to give it 100% and want to integrate exercise.

Myfitnesspal pal has noted about 1200 calories a day. I was contemplating doing t25 and then maybe going on to do insanity.. My questions are do I eat back the calories I burn? Is myfitness pal the best way to lose weight? Is my goal realistic for my size? I plan to eat mostly clean whole foods..

My friend is doing slimming world and wants me to join, also another doing WW and a work colleague just eating clean (no calorie counting). I'm so confused what to do!


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    From 162 to 126. 36 lbs to lose in 5 months. Very doable. I would try to reach my goal one full month before wedding date and then go on maintenance (insurance). Get a food scale at a store if you don't have one. They are next to the measuring cups.
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    I am 5'3 did almost the same loss in 8 months, so not saying it'd not doable, but that was my experience.

    If you're on 1200 you probably want to eat your exercise calories or you may well be hangry all the time. Both of those high intensity work puts have good reviews, I would incorporate a progressive lifting plan like strong lifts 5x5 to help you retain lean muscle mass (the essential part of looking 'in shape')

    Edit to add:
    I think MFP is way better than a diet programme as you learn abut your macros and CICO as well as being more in control of your programme. Eating clean is stupid IMO; if I can't eat chocolate while I get hot what's the point?
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    Probably way too aggressive. MFP is just the appliance of weight loss science so it's the most no guessing method of weight control. MFP is designed to eat your exercise calories back but that's assuming accurate logging and accurate burns, you adjust as you go based on real results.

    I have to ask, what about your wedding dress? You're not leaving much time for alterations.
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    Before I got married, I read that it is best to not count on serious weight loss while preparing for a wedding. There are a lot of social occasions, a lot of stress (A LOT of stress), and dieting can become just another burden to an already overburdened schedule. Hanger + wedding = bridezilla from hell.

    That said, it is possible, especially if you are doing a lower stress wedding without a lot of parties. The smart thing is to order your dress in your current size and alter it if you do lose weight over the next few months. It's easier to take a dress in than let it out.
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    No, I do not think that is a realistic goal.
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    If you set a more realistic goal of 1/2 to 1 pound a week, you will have more success. Please think past the magic date of your wedding and look forward to your life afterwards. This is a marathon; not a sprint.
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    I'm 5'1", was 167 when I started in January, and 129 today. My calorie goal has been 1200 as well, and I usually fall around 1100. Its doable, but probably not in 5 months. At 5 months, I think I was around 140, and very happy with that. Log everything, stay committed, and just remind yourself that you're eating what your body needs, as opposed to what it wants. I adjusted my macros to 40 carbs, 30 fat, 30 protein instead of the 50/30/20 default. I felt that I needed more protein to stay full. I like having light breakfasts and lunches so I can have a more full dinner, but that's what works for me! Feel free to friend me!