I need help; not sure if I'm doing anything right....


I'm 6'2 and currently 230 lbs - I just started to track everything and exercise again, and I'm not sure if anything I'm doing is right or effective. I'm just about 2 weeks into it and I've done the following so far:

1. Given up all alcohol - not a drop since I started July 31st
2. Exercised (Jogging 5mph for 30-40 min) 5 days, full body-weight circuit 1 day, and 1 rest day week 1; Jogged (5 mph 30-40 min) 3 days, full body circuit and 3 mile walk 1 day, HIIT session 1 day (1min/2min splits on the treadmill), and 1 day of rest in week 2 - still have 2 days left in which I plan to exercise both of those days
3. Been weighing every-single-piece of food that I eat, measuring in both oz's and grams and doing conversions where necessary (based on the packaging) -- I'm also scanning barcodes with the app to ensure I'm not accidentally choosing the wrong foods/proportions
4. Drinking A TON of water each day - far more than a gallon most days
5. Getting plenty of sleep (7-8 hours) each night
6. Waking up at 5am to exercise on an empty stomach
7. Tacking macros as best I can

My first week, I lost 8-10 lbs, which I'm assuming mainly from water. I'm nearly through my second week and I've GAINED 2 lbs, even though I'm working out more intensely than the first week, with some of my stamina and endurance back - pushing myself each day and being completely dead after a routine.

Just looking for general advice as I'm getting discouraged quickly (and I know its too soon, but damn it, can't imagine the scale going up)


  • geltner2
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    Since you lost 8-10 lbs the first week, even with the gain of 2lbs (not really a weight gain but a fluid adjustment probably ) you are still significantly down from the start. Your routine is impressive! Maybe overdoing it a bit. This is a marathon; not a sprint! as the saying goes. I can feel your motivation from your post so I'm betting that it's going to go well.
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    It's perfectly normal to have weeks that you don't lose, or even gain weight. You probably just put back on a little of the water you lost the first week.

    I think everything else sounds fine. The most important thing is accurare, consistent logging. The only thing I would caution is don't stress out about all the stuff you listed if it becomes too much. I think a lot of people quit because they try to change too much all at once and they hit the wall. So if you need to, cut yourself some slack on anything other than #3 :) And aim for a reasonable weekly goal. Good luck!
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    I know it's hard, but maybe lock your scale away for a month? Then bring it out day 32. Weigh early in the am, after you use the washroom, in your birthday suit. Record your weight. Then lock that sucker away again, until day 64. See if that helps your sense of loss. I buy a cute pair of pants and try them on every week or so. That's my motivation and gauge of loss. I really don't care the number. It's the size and shape of my body!

    Hard lifting and cardio, lots of sports, makes me gain from tissue repair. That might be your situation in week 2.
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    I know it's super early to be getting discouraged, but I wanted to check in and see if there's any feedback on if I'm doing anything just outright wrong? I made the food diary public (I think) if anyone wants to review.

    Thank you for the replies! I honestly appreciate the support; I know I'll be at this for a long time and the feedback will be really helpful