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  • Unfortunately, I started out trying to stay a little under 1200 and feel like I shot myself in the foot. 1200 was always the goal; I'm only 5 feet tall. My body got used to the low calories, and now If I eat more than 1300 these days, I start to gain again. I try to stay around 1275 most days. Don't eat less than you have…
  • I try not to ever go over if I can help it, and don't eat more than 100 of my exercise calories on most days. (Special events I don't worry about) But I don't believe in restricting myself of anything. I truly believe that everything in moderation is the only way to successfully stay in maintenance. I eat mostly healthy,…
  • Use a good food scale, and the nutritional info on the USDA website. Don't just automatically trust the MFP entries.... so many of them are wrong. Find the one that matches the USDA info. And make sure you weigh everything... don't use any of the "1/2 apple" entries. There are all different sized apples! And fiber is a…
  • Hi guys! I’m Suzy. 46 year old wife and mom of 2 strong and independent kids, 20 and 16. Trying to find my new “place” in this Covid world since choosing not to go back to my teaching job after teaching for over 20 years. I’m finding joy in getting things done that I never had time to get done before. But I’m missing my…
  • A friend of mine just told me about Freecycle. Can I ask where you do your trades or have others pick up? I wouldn't want to give someone my home address.
  • I'm going to send you a FR. I took the same approach to weight loss. Nothing drastic or all at once. Small steps along the way to get healthier, eat healthier and get moving. No heavy restrictions or denying myself the things I really love. Everything in moderation. All of that has helped me to get the weight off, and keep…
  • Somewhere between 10-15 pounds
  • Hi Eliza. I find it frustrating that people will request me, and then aren't active with me. It doesn't make sense, and I don't know why they bothered. I keep my friend list to a manageable size so that I can stay active and supportive with everyone. And when people aren't active, I give them some time, but then I'll…
  • I found the same to be true - I was eating like you, and finding that I was hungry. When I started to realize that carbs were not my enemy, I found healthy ways to incorporate them, and I'm happier, now. My favorite, is adding a little farro to my salads, veggie bowls, and stir fries, along with some lean protein. It's got…
  • I think that those of us who've struggled with weight for most of our lives will always feel like that fat kid to some degree. I am in maintenance now, though working at the moment to get back down to the lower end of my weight "comfort zone." Even though I wear a size small, I still often look and see my flaws rather than…
  • I don't think I'll ever stop counting. I have to eat less than 1400 or I start gaining again, so it's important that I keep track. It's just part of my new lifestyle to maintain.... logging every day.
  • Fantastic loss - no doubt a result of hard work!!!! And congrats on being father of the bride!
  • Roasted delicata squash is my absolute favorite... I wait for it every year. Trader Joe's seems to be the only place I can dependably find it. Just bought 4 today! Can't wait to roast some of it tomorrow!
  • This looks amazing! So beautiful!
  • Thank you for the encouragement. I've always set myself up for failure by making my goals to unrealistic and now I'm trying a new approach. Good luck with your mini-goal. :smile: [/quote] This is what I had to do to lose, hit my goal, and stay in maintenance. Got so tired of losing the weight and then gaining it all back…
  • Oh boy, did I feel that same way when I finally got onto MFP and buckled down!!! It's probably the most impactful way I've changed my life since losing the weight. I was so embarrassed of myself. I hardly have any "before" pix because I wouldn't let myself be in any pix. I would walk around the mall or the grocery store…
  • I sent you a friend request and message.
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  • I love this list! Sounds like you're on a good, determined path! I would suggest doing something like the first reply suggested. Organize the list into similar categories... such as "online/social media related." Then read 3 each day, highlighting them a new color as you go as a sort of bookmarker. Every 10 days, you'll…
  • I love Bar-less Barre classes and Pilates Mat classes online for strength and toning workouts.
  • I love Barre and Pilates Mat workouts to work on strength and core (plenty available online). And I like Bootcamps for cardio.
  • I think a lot of people try to change too much too fast. Taking away everything you love and going all in can often times backfire. I have friends on here who have done that, and never let themselves have a treat, and exercise an incredible amount, so that they've got these huge 800-1000 deficits every day, and don't eat…
  • I do the same as some of the above have mentioned. I don't prep entire meals ahead. I'm a person who needs a lot of variation, or I get bored with food. I prep ingredients. And lots of them. I usually do it the day, or the day after, I return from my local (storefront, not outdoor) farmer's market trip. I cook farro and…
  • Hi Renee - sent you a friend request!
  • Suzyjmcd2 Thursday weigh-in PW: 125 CW: 123.4 I will not be continuing on here into June. Best wishes to all of you as you continue your journeys!
  • suzyjmcd2 Thursday weigh-in PW: 119.8 CW: 125 New batteries in my scale revealed a very different number than I'd been getting previously! Guess I've got some work to do!
  • suzyjmcd2 Thursday weigh-in PW:120 CW: 119.8 Still at least a week out from being allowed to exercise -- tomorrow is 5 weeks since surgery. But I've got my eating back under control; going back to pre-logging has helped. Looking forward to increasingly warmer weather to get outside and walk more frequently. I'm planing my…
  • suzyjmcd2 Thursday weigh-in PW: 119.6 CW: 120
  • [email protected] Thursday weigh-in PW: 119.6 CW: 119.6