Breakfast Alternatives

I'm looking for a tasty & quick way to eat a healthy breakfast. I usually do a toast, bagel, or something on the go. I've tried First Watch breakfast or Panera but it has so many calories. I fast at night so I eat breakfast and lunch and skip dinner. Any suggestions?


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    Eggs are a nutritional powerhouse. You can easily fry up 2 eggs with a quick shot of cooking spray. Over instant grits, and it will really fill you up. You can make it in 5 minutes if you do it right. 2 extra large eggs 160 cal, cooking spray 5 cal, grits 100 cal. 265 calories total. Throw a pinch of microgreens on top if you've got em. Over easy eggs are the best!

    You can also dump a pouch of tuna or salmon onto a bowl in instant grits, add a squeeze of bbq sauce, and boom - bbq fish n grits in like 2 minutes. Roughly 200-250 calories depending on the fish and the bbq sauce.

    Make your own blueberry oatmeal. 32 g rolled oats, a cup of water in a small pot on the stovetop. Dump in 1/2 to a whole cup frozen blueberries, add a sugar free flavored syrup of choice, and plenty of salt to taste. Sprinkle on walnuts or pecans. A more caloric breakfast with the nuts but SO filling and satisfying.
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    You can prep breakfast burritos or breakfast sandwiches yourself. You can also make your own egg bites or overnight oats. Also you don't have to eat breakfast food either.... can be whatever you want
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    I just dump a protein shake (I use Members Mark brand 160 cal/ 30 gram protein) in my coffee. I don’t use any other sweetener and it’s fine that way.

    That’s the whole breakfast. It’s simple and I think it’s filling. If I’m like super hungry and that doesn’t cut it, I will eat a banana at the same time.
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    Now I am on Protein Diet so I have proteins drink twice a day for a Breakfast & Dinner using (Haya Labs All Natural Protein) and semi-skimmed milk. I just put them in the Blender to mix and it is ready to drink. My Breakfast before my diet was oats with yogurt or semi-skimmed milk.
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    I make my instant oatmeal packets. Some days I do an apple with 1tbsp of peanut butter or a cup of blueberries with some ricotta.
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    I've been eating a flavored rice cake(apple cinnamon, caramel, or chocolate) spread lightly with peanut butter, top with sliced banana and light n fit vanilla greek yogurt. I also make a protein iced coffee, pour over style.
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    I just posted this on another thread this morning:

    One of the best realisations I ever came to is that "breakfast food" as a concept is a load of hooey.

    What makes something a 'breakfast food'?

    Why is bacon and eggs (protein), mushrooms, spinach and tomatoes (veg), hash browns (potato), a biscuit (grains) and sausage gravy (sauce/condiment) a "breakfast food" when roast beef (protein), carrots cauliflower and broccoli (veg), roast potato (potato), a bread roll (grains) and gravy (sauce/condiment) is not?

    Eat what you want for breakfast. I actually quite like a nice hearty soup. It's warming and comforting like a bowl of porridge, but probably more nutritionally balanced across the macros. I also like doing a tray bake of various veg and some meatballs and having that for breakfasts.

    Soup is an especially quick and tasty way to do breakfast, you can make ahead and just heat it up and there are a million different varieties, it's easy to find a few you like.


    I have been steaming a ton of rice and eating that with a plant based chicken. That's my breakfast now and its filling. More so than eggs or oatmeal or any other "traditional" breakfast foods.
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    What's wrong with bagel or toast, as long as it keeps you full, happy and fits in a reasonable calorie allowance? 'healthy' is mostly whoo that means very little as long as you have a nutritious diet overall, and it means something different for everyone. Heck, even scientists constantly change their opinion on what's healthy.
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    This sounds strange but I really like some plain yogurt with a hard boiled egg mashed in
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    I do plain greek yogurt, some fruit usally blueberries, some granola and a little honey for my go to breakfast when I don't want to cook or do anything. You can get the individual yogurts if you don't want to weigh/measure it out.
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    I am a big fan of whole wheat English muffins with dark chocolate peanut butter or almond butter. If I am extra hungry I scramble an egg or two with it.
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    i just started MFP and my go to now is Chia Pudding. I make a few at a time in individual bowls overnight in the fridge. 2 Tbs of Chia seeds to 2/3 cup unsweetened almond or any non dairy option. In the morning I take one out and stir in either 1/2 cup strawberries or blueberries. You can eat chilled or heat up in microwave to warm. Top with 1 tsp of chopped pecans! you could also do cinnamon apple with almonds.
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    3/4 cup of 0% Greek yogurt with a scoop of chocolate protein powder and a chopped up banana in it. 47g of protein and about 335 calories and delicious!
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    I've ate sandwiches in the morning when I was dashing out the door. They hold nicely in a baggy whilst driving hehe. A grilled cheese in the George Foreman Griller has gotten me all the way thru lunch on more than one occasion. Its hot, its melty, and its tasty.
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    I agree with someone previous who commented —- breakfast doesn’t have to be limited to “breakfast food.” One of my favorite go tos is leftover chicken with some fruit salsa.

    But now that it’s tomato season, my frequent choice is “egg toast.” One egg, one egg white, a little Miracle whip light, a few thick slices of tomato, and TJ’s Everything But the Bagel seasoning.
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    This isn't so much an on-the-go breakfast, but I make a 2-Minute Omelet. In a microwave safe cup, I mix 2 eggs, 1 T. salsa, 1 T. bacon bits, and sometimes I throw in some shredded cheese. Microwave on high for 2 minutes, then stir to see if it needs to cook any longer. It keeps me filled up until lunch.
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    There's the obvious eggs, but I also like to make it into a scramble with a bunch of spinach and maybe other veggies if I have them handy tossed in.
    A few things I've recently started prepping for some variety:
    Quinoa (can be heated with an egg on top for extra)
    Oatmeal (again, can add an egg with it)

    I'm trying to eat "lower" carbs and generally avoid most flour-based foods simply because they are NOT satiating for me, and I can/will way overeat particular health reason I avoid them. It's more of a brunch for me than just breakfast, but I do enjoy avocado toast with over-easy egg on top.