Let it GO! Decluttering (simplifying) your life of (people, places or things) success stories?



  • KeriA
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    This thread makes me feel better about severing all relationships with friends and family. I still feel a bit guilty, but the fact that I coincidentally also experienced major weight-loss... maybe I'm okay with myself for doing that. There are billions of people on this earth, I'll mingle with the awesomeness that is you all!

    Right a lot of all our relationships except those we live with are mostly virtual. So even when you have friends and family that aren't toxic right now many can't be with them in person. I hope you find positive supportive people to mingle with.
  • Moving definitely made me get some new stuff, because the house was a different shape and with different needs. Room size rugs for bedrooms and the sitting room, because the house has hard floors throughout. Small tiny little bath mats, because a full size one gets in the way of the door opening. This house was definitely built before the idea that you should have a home spa in your bathroom was current! I wound up putting a large desk in the bedroom to hold everything that doesn't need water to do that we'd been doing in the bathroom, and getting a storage cubicle thing to hold all the random health and beauty stuff in there as well. It works surprisingly well and doesn't look too bad.

    I'm seriously considering whether I want to swap the table in the sunroom and the loveseat in the library for the winter. I suspect that for the health of all our backs I should ask my sons to come down and help move the loveseat. It's nice and cozy looking where it is, but I will not get people to go out in cold weather and eat on the sunporch, no matter how pretty the view.
  • suzij27
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    Thank you for posting to this thread and bringing it back near the top of the Success Stories section.

    I know that there is a relationship between clutter in the home and my body “clutter”. I’m committing here to go through the stack on a card table that was suppose to be a temporary solution but has been there for at least a year. Sigh. I will have this completed tonight. Not just gone through, but put away, given away, or listed on eBay.
  • hipari
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    @suzij27 - thanks for helping me realize I started losing weight again after starting this decluttering/purging process... I haven't been logging my food, going to the gym or making very conscious choices lately, and I didn't even realize the turn in my weight happened around the same time we started making good progress on going through our stuff.

    We definitely need to get a lot of new stuff when we move, but I don't count furniture, carpets and curtains as "clutter". The new place is shaped so differently we're definitely going to need new stuff. It's going to take a while to plan, find and buy everything we need. We probably need to get rid of some furniture, too.

    I just finished going through all of my wedding stuff (married in August 2019), and I'm pretty proud of my progress there. Lots of unnecessary stuff thrown out or into the donation/re-sell pile. I also went through all the cards our guests gave us, as well as the notebook where my friends wrote their wishes and marriage advice in my bachelorette party. It was surprisingly emotional to read those messages and reflect how much my friends' lives have changed in such a short time since then. I'm also pretty surprised by how much prime "real estate" I had given to some literal junk in our living room drawers.

    During this "inventory" and cleaning process I'm constantly surprised by how often I'm making a mental note that I want to keep something but it should really be stored together with something that's currently in a completely different place or something is really only kept for sentimental reasons and could be stored in a nice box on some upper shelf instead of keeping it in such a central location. A prime example of this is my wedding veil, currently in a tv stand drawer in the middle of the living room.... well, at least it's in a storage bag.
  • Gisel2015
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    Congrats everyone. It seems that you are all in the right track and that is wonderful. Keep up the good work and throw away or recycle/give away things that you not longer need.

    Maybe in some distant part of the world somebody can recycle shoes (@LovelyChar), even if they don't seem usable/wearable anymore. Perhaps the shoe repair guy knows something about it....?
  • suzyjmcd2
    suzyjmcd2 Posts: 266 Member
    I have found that when I declutter, it’s very freeing. I’m a huge fan of Freecycle and also belong to a trading group on FB.

    A friend of mine just told me about Freecycle. Can I ask where you do your trades or have others pick up? I wouldn't want to give someone my home address.
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