Just wondering...like most of us, this weight loss journey has had ups and downs. I dropped about 80 pounds, gained some back and I am now back down to 147 lbs having lost about 30 pounds since July.

I love apple crisp and the last two night I had a serving for dessert. I weigh in every Monday and my weight from the previous week dropped "only" 0.8 pounds, down from about 1.5 pounds over the last couple of weeks. I am bummed.

Intellectually, I know that I am lifting weights and gaining lean muscle and that muscle weighs more than fat, yada, yada...I also realize that I am at a healthy weight for my age (57) and height (5'10"). I get that and I get that I am in a good place in terms of my activity and food-making decisions.

But, to me, I am still that fat kid from school and a significantly overweight adult. And, given today's results, I am bothered. Part of me wants to say "to heck with this" and chow down today while another part of me wants to reduce my caloric intake by a bunch and start getting more aerobic exercise.

So, not looking for pity, but looking for how others have dealt with this. I guess a lot of it is regardless of what the scale tells me, how many notches I have tightened on my belt or how many new pictures I see of myself, I still feel like a person with a weight problem.

Anybody else feel that way?


  • mgalsf12
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    Maybe you should talk to a therapist, just talk it out and see if you can't just get yourself in touch with the present you and stop dwelling on who you were when you were in school.
    At your height, you are probably already at the perfect weight. Good luck to you and congratulations for your transformation.
  • mel35645
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    I can completely relate to what you are going through. I reached my goal weight many years ago. Went down 3-4 sizes everyone said how thin i looked in fact some say i looked too thin.
    But i still felt as though i was overweight. I didn’t verbalize it to anyone so they wouldn’t think i was looking for them to tell me how thin i looked i honestly didn’t see myself as thin.
    Fast forward to a couple of years ago i gained back more than half of all i lost and if i could go back i wouldn’t have let it happen. You said sometimes you just want to throw in the towel and eat what you want and i want to tell you that it’s not the answer.
    If i could go back to the first 5 lbs i gained i would stop myself. You have worked too hard to accomplish what you have so please be proud of your accomplishments and don’t give up. You don’t want to realize how good you look and feel now by gaining back what you have lost.
  • Silkysausage
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    Muscle and fat weigh the same, it's density that changes.
  • suzyjmcd2
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    I think that those of us who've struggled with weight for most of our lives will always feel like that fat kid to some degree. I am in maintenance now, though working at the moment to get back down to the lower end of my weight "comfort zone." Even though I wear a size small, I still often look and see my flaws rather than the fact that I've lost the weight. And although it's kind of sad that I can't just be happy with my success, I also think it's what keeps me motivated to keep up this new lifestyle and not get complacent. I will not gain the weight back because I will NOT be that fat kid again! :)
  • spyro88
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    I recommend a podcast called "We Only Look Thin", it deals a lot with this issue and many others around the emotional/ psychological side of weight loss.