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Hi mfp.


I really want to have a space where we can comment, talk, share, and inspire each other. Like those Facebook groups. Where we can all come to this thread daily to check in and interact with each other. I feel like I am struggling alone. I hate that feeling. I know there are amazing people here and I would love to bond and lose with you all!

I am struggling because I am the largest I have ever been. It is getting worse by the day. I am struggling to stay positive. I am so uncomfortable in my body. I just don’t want to get so lost in despair that I don’t find my way out of it and then live a sad unmotivated life.

I want a group of people around me to share stories. About anything. About this journey which includes weight loss and everyday things too. A strong and dedicated group that is forever hyping each other up. I will be your best hype man!



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    Hello! I am also struggling. My weight is really all I can think about, but I feel like I have no motivation at all. I've been through this before and lost weight. But now I feel like idk where to start or what to eat to lose weight.
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    I have days where it just seems impossible and days where I am so filled with motivation that I know without a doubt I’ll hit every goal I have. I need to remember this journey has ups and downs.

    Today is a meh day. I’m happy. Made good choices yesterday for food and this morning for breakfast so that’s positive!

    I hope everyone is doing well.
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    I want a group of people around me to share stories. About anything. About this journey which includes weight loss and everyday things too. A strong and dedicated group that is forever hyping each other up.

    @JLRavenclaw Have you checked out the group section. There are some dynamic groups that you might like.
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    Just landed on this thread and it really resonates with me. Thanks for sharing - Would like to keep in touch!
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    Oh man this week. It’s been a tough one for me but I have started walking more and being good with logging. I am not eating nearly enough due to really bad family issues. I am trying to keep a positive outlook on staying healthy and making good choices.

    I hope everyone is doing well!
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    Hello everybody,

    How’s everyone going? I hope the week so far is alright for you. I am starting my weight loss journey again. I packed it on during coronavirus because I was working at home and had zero motivation or discipline.

    It’s great to have a thread to share things, and if anyone wants to reach out for a chat feel free to send me a friend request.

    Valentina xx
  • Hi everyone, my name is Nicole. I've been struggling lately with weight gain, and although it's not severe I'm absolutely terrified of it. I don't really know how all this works here on mfp, but I saw this group and was wondering if I could share my story and maybe get advice from people on the outside, someone who isn't family? I'm not sure I'd I should do that here or through messaging lol
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    Use your best judgment and vaguely share the details. Give us the high notes and we'll see where you're at, Nicole.
  • Ok, so I was in a toxic relationship for 2 years. Like he wouldn't take me out if I didn't work out, made comments on my weight all the time and I was pretty sick for a while, just too skinny. Now that's over (thank God) and I'm happy again, not depressed, and gaining weight. I know the weight gain isn't all bad, but mentally, I'm struggling. My clothes are fitting different and idk I suppose I was just curious if anyone here could relate or had any advice for me
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    Nicole, you don't know me. If I had a guy like that I would tell him, Hey, Babe, it's time to cancel the gym membership. We're not working out anymore.

    The only thing that terrorizes me is an apex predator like a grizzly bear but then again, take the L out of Lover because it's over. There is absolutely nothing to be terrified about, now. Weight is definitely not in the top ten.
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    Clear the decks. All of that is behind you. You're tectonic plates and I'm so glad you drifted apart.

    Your clothes are fitting different. Ain't no thing but a chicken wing. We all know where we're at by the way our clothes fit. You can still get into them so don't stress over this. Relax.
  • Thank you💛
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    Hi all. I hit my goal back in 2019 and kept it off for a lot of months. But Easter weekend of 2020, when the pandemic "took off" here in the NYC area, I had surgery for a tumor in my small intestines. Part of the intestines were removed with the tumor, which tested benign :smile:. So it was a great outcome. But I wasn't allowed to eat fiber for many weeks, and I wasn't allowed to exercise other than walking for 8 weeks. That took quite a toll on me, both mentally and physically, after all the changes I'd made to reach my goal.

    I finally started getting back on track about 6 months later, but I'd definitely gained some weight back, and I had some pain in a finger that affected my using weights in my workouts. Just kind of held steady at that new higher weight for a while.

    Turned out that pain in my finger was another tumor - completely unrelated to the one in my small intestines - but also tested benign after the surgery to remove it in August of last year. Again, I wasn't allowed to lift any weights for about 8 weeks with that surgery. Well, then I really started to gain bc I'd just lost all motivation to eat well or move enough. Also had a torn tendon in my ankle this Spring... and you guessed it.... no exercise other than during PT and stretching exercises they gave me to do at home.

    So here I am, I just started focusing on losing again two weeks ago, at only 2 pounds from my highest weight when I started here in 2018. Starting over again.

    A little concerned bc I'm having carpal tunnel surgery at the end of August, but I haven't been doing any strength training as of yet, anyway. Just starting out again with walking and focusing on food right now. So it won't really set back any "workouts" just yet. It will definitely hinder my ingredient prep for healthy meals... not being able to use my dominant hand to cut or anything like that for a while, but I'm going to do my best.

    Weighed in on Monday 1.5 lbs lighter, so here I go. Just going to do my best. Not setting any specific goals... just need to stay focused and motivated. I did it before. I know how to do it. I just had to be READY to do it again.