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  • I definitely still eat tacos hahaha. I always work my faves into my calories and macros 😋 2 are like 300 calories (give or take) and we usually pair them with a large garden salad (stuffed with excess taco filling and spicy sauce over top) nom nom nom
  • I have tried and failed in a couple of occassions with king oyster mushrooms. They always turn into unchewable rubber when cooked! What am I doing wrong?!?
  • Fat vegan here! (Well, getting better lol) Bread, pasta, nuts, and oils are all very high calorie foods. But, it is doable! I'm down 64 pounds since starting my journey and I've been vegan for over 2 years. It just take proper planning!
  • My family is vegan so we like to go out for beyond burgers as a rare treat but I would never call them healthy. As for fake meats, we mainly use the veggie nuggets for our kids who love them but overall I like to focus on healthier, more nutritious foods. However, I see nothing wrong with enjoying them in moderation.
  • Today I had fruit for breakfast. A veggie sub topped with sweet onion dressing for lunch, two rice cakes topped with almond butter for a snack, homemade vegetable soup with chickpeas for supper,and an apple early evening. Add in some tea in there too lol.
  • B12 is a must for us, as well as to be sure to eat a varied diet to get essential amino acids, etc. Hemp seeds are a great, rounded protein source! What kind of recipes were you looking for? Soups, salads, burgers, pasta wraps, loafs, etc?
  • Been vegan a while and have never found a vegan cheese substitute (especially premade) that didn't taste like manufactured dog *kitten*. Severe allergy to nutritional yeast too so I've been 100% cheese-taste free for a while. I miss the taste sometimes but generally speaking I can still enjoy everything without it or the…
  • Welcome! Exercise is a great step, but the BEST thing you can do for your weightless journey is to eat within your allowed calories!
  • 25 weeks.pregnant here with my third! Already gained 23 pounds and looking for other momma's to be to stay on track! Anyone can add me!
  • Thank you! And my tattoo is my husbands name 😬
  • Sending a friend request now!
  • Ahh what the hell, been a while but here goes! Be gentle 😂
  • 5' 3" and WISHING I was 112 😂
  • I’m a toast person, slice of toasted bread with a tbsp of pine nut hummus and topped with random veg like tomato, avocado, etc. Or peanut butter banana with a sprinkle of cinnamon if I want some thing sweet. So many toast varieties! I get the no time thing, I have two kids 8 and 2 so time is hard to come By!
  • Me personally? I stick to the deficit. During our periods, we actually burn more calories at rest, so I enjoy sticking to my calories so I can see a bigger decrease in the scales at the end of it 😊
  • Newfoundland 🇨🇦 😊
  • Started at 240, currently at 154!
  • Getting diagnosed with diabetes can be a good kick in the pants to get you going! Feel free to add me as a friend if you like!
  • You are the same age as me! You absolutely got this, just make sure to log your food accurately and focus on keeping to your calorie limits. You will see the weight fall off in NO time! Feel free to add me as a friend as well! I'm on here everyday if you need a good butt-whooping to keep you motivated! 😛
  • Tofu Scramble and Toast!
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  • If this is actually real, then I honestly feel bad for your wife. If this is fake, then go get a life. Seriously.
  • Consuming less calories than you burn will result in weight loss overtime. It really is that simple, however it wouldnt be healthy to consume your daily calorie intake using chocolate bars and chips :) as well, the TYPES of fats used in the keto diet as well a need to be considered as there are a number of resources citing…
  • Even with keto, the only thing that results in weight loss is consuming less calories than you burn, if a keto diet helps keep you within your calorie deficit then it will work, if it doesn't , then it won't besides some initial water-weight (burning fat for fuel uses more water). Welcome to the MFP community!
  • My doc told me to keep going, and I was lifting 200+ pounds throughout my pregnancy. HOWEVER, you should absolutely get clearance from your doctor. I should add that fatigue in first trimester slowed me down as well as overall exhaustion in the last trimester as well :) And congratulations on your pregnancy!
  • ^^^^^ THIS x 1000. I hear this REGULARLY, which is horrifying to say the least.
  • Welcome to the community, and congrats on making the decision to get healthy! It's great your getting the surgery you need, but I would also suggest to start calorie logging now to get a baseline and to help you after your surgery :) plus, any amount of weight you can get off before the surgery may help reduce the risk of…
  • I'm not an expert but I can offer my anecdotal advice. For me, BC pills made me blow up, they weren't as bad as the shots, but I did have a harder time with it. I came off them and found it a lot easier, as well as a decrease in my mood swings :) But my experience may not be the norm.
  • I don’t read the blogs, but sugar does affect the pleasure centres of them brain to mimic a temporary “high”. Now, I’m not talking about sugars naturally found in foods, but added sweeteners. :) even so, you don’t have to be completely sugar free to be healthy! 😝 and it is most certainly not heroine. LOL
  • Lentils, split peas, beans, and tofu are dirt cheap! Also good for protein. Other than that, oats, rice, wraps, sandwiches, etc are pretty affordable too!