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  • Joining this group late I know, but excited for the accountability. Starting weight: 155 Goal weight: 130-135 My name is Whittany, I am 5’ 2 and also from the Midwest. My starting weight was 166, I got down to 140 pre-COVID, and obviously have gained since then. I’m ready to get my health, and stress levels under control.
  • I’m right there with you. The last time I was on MFP was the beginning of 2020, and I actually managed to lose weight at the very beginning of lockdown. Then I lost my aunt to COVID, lost my job to COVID, and my dog passed away and it threw me. That was just the start of the slip though, I’m up 20 pounds, with another 20…
  • First weekly weigh in Monday 3/1/21- 137.4 I’ve decided to focus on giving myself weekly goals not related to weight. Last week my goal was to drink 32 Oz of water first thing in the morning. This week my goal, on top of that, will be to exercise 3 days a week. I want to focus on small changes and build on those. Here’s…
  • Hey all, My name is Whittany, I currently weigh around 154. About 2-3 years ago I started my journey with a healthy food relationship. I was 166 pounds and got down to 146, gained weight, lost it, quarantine hit, actually lost some more due to stress (down to 140) and then in October my sweet first born “son”, my pup Diego…
  • Weekly weigh in: Monday Username: wwood008 Previous weight: 147.6 Current: 145.4 I’ve really fallen off the wagon these past couple weeks. My son was sick which freaked me out considering he was already in the hospital once this year. Then when he got better we were quarantined because my husband was exposed. THEN my dad…
  • Weigh in Monday Username: wwood008 Previous weight: 144.2 Current weight: 147.6 We were quarantined this entire week, plus having hormonal changes and I gained weight 😫
  • Weigh in day Monday Username: wwood008 Previous weight: 146.5 Current:144.2 I’ve decided to make a small, non weight related goal each week to be healthier. This week my goal is to practice 10 minutes of self care each day. I’ve also had the goal this previous week to start each day off with fruit.
  • A day late in posting but here it is.. Username: wwood008 Weigh in days: Monday Starting weight: 146.5
  • Hello, so I’ve been on MFP for 2 years now. I’ve lost 21 pounds so far, with another 20 left to lose. To be honest, I was doing great until January when my son got sick and was in the hospital for a while, then we got out and the pandemic hit and shut down our state, and since then I’ve just been trying to get through each…
  • Week 1 weigh in Username: wwood008 Weigh in day: Tuesday Weight:149.4
  • Weigh in week 4 (I believe) Username: wwood008 Weigh in day: Tuesday Previous weight: 152 Current weight: 150.3 The entire month of February was a wash for me between sickness and hospital stays. Starting to lose some of what I gained while in the hospital but not back to where I was at the end of last month. I’m coming at…
  • We got released from the hospital this weekend after a 10 day stay. That including the week before of my son being sick and that’s 2 and a half weeks I’ve been out of my workout and eating routine. I gained weight while we were in the hospital, which I figured I would eating only cafeteria and fast food. I’m finding it…
  • As I mentioned in my check in earlier this week, my son has been sick. We ended up in the ER Tuesday night and he has meningitis. We will be in the hospital a couple weeks and I won’t be able to weigh in. Will post again when I’m able.
  • Wwood008 Week 1 Previous weight: 147.9 Current weight:150.7 I saw this one coming but didn’t expect to gain so much 😩 disappointing
  • My 4yo has had the flu this week since Wednesday and I feel like being cooped up in the house with a sick kiddo has majorly contributed to some overeating out of boredom and stress. Not looking forward to weigh in this week.
  • Weighing in a day late but.. Username: wwood008 Weigh in day: Tuesday Week 4 Previous weight: 149.4 Current:147.9
  • Weekly weigh in: Weigh in day: Tuesday Username: wwood008 Week 3 weight: 149.4
  • @TeresaW1020 I would like to be moved to weekly weigh ins please! 🙂
  • @broncobuddee I had asked about if I was going to be in the group since we were headed into a new month/new year and never heard back. I’ve been keeping track on my own so I can add those now: Username: wwood008 Weigh in day: Tuesday Week 1: 151.9 Week 2: 150.4
  • I just downloaded the beachbody on demand app and have been switching between some programs to see what I like but have mainly done the 10 min trainer. I might try the one you’re talking about today though!! I joined this group to find a couple accountability buddies to keep me on track with doing the workouts
  • Week 5 weigh in: Starting weight: 158 Current weight: 151.4 Weigh in days: Tuesday Since today is the last day of the month, will I still be in this group in January?
  • Week 4 check in: Check in day: Tuesday Previous weight: 155.8 Current weight: 152.9
  • Username: wwood008 Weigh in day: Tuesday Weigh in week: week 3 Previous weight: 156.7 Current: 155.8 I fell off the wagon a LOT over the weekend so I’m just glad I didn’t gain. Multiple Christmas parties and cookie decorating 😬
  • Weekly check in: Week 2 Username wwood008 Previous weight:158 Current weight: 156.7
  • I need to change my weigh in days to Tuesday’s. This week I haven’t really stuck with my goals, my niece was in the PICU and I wasn’t able to meal plan. Starting today off with a cold but hopefully this week will be better.
  • Weekly weigh in Week 1: 155.8
  • Hey everyone! My name is Whittany and I just started this group. Around this time last year I had lost 20 pounds and had planned on making it into the new year and losing another 20. Stress and life happened and I ended up gaining most of it back so now I’m at it again, hoping to make lasting changes this time. I joined…
  • I would say speaking with an RD who specializes in eating disorders would be the best option. If you're binging and restricting it might not be the best idea to label foods as "healthy or unhealthy" but focus rather on how the food makes you feel. The same with weighing yourself, if you can look at the scale and see it…
  • Vegetarian for the last decade. Trying to adjust to a vegan diet now, but would love friends!
  • I'm in! I started out at this exact same weight last year and lost 20 pounds by February, wanting to lose 40 pounds total. Since then, I've lost 2 uncles and a grandparent and my son was diagnosed with autism (the diagnosis itself wasn't horrible but the waiting for results killed me). I'm now back up to 166 and starting…