Vegan friends

Hello if you're vegan please add me. Looking for more vegan friends


  • eearthwoman
    eearthwoman Posts: 3 Member
    Hi! I’m Erin and my husband and I just recently decided to be vegan. It’s been interesting trying to find nut free recipes... any recommendations are appreciated
  • Trechechus
    Trechechus Posts: 2,834 Member
    Strict vegetarian, here! :)
  • shooogar
    shooogar Posts: 15 Member
    I'm vegan πŸ‘‹πŸ»πŸ‘‹πŸ»πŸ‘‹πŸ»
  • wwood008
    wwood008 Posts: 30 Member
    Vegetarian for the last decade. Trying to adjust to a vegan diet now, but would love friends!
  • Fierce4summer
    Fierce4summer Posts: 10 Member
    I’m newly vegan!! Going into my fourth week!! Add me!😊
  • CitrusMaiden
    CitrusMaiden Posts: 60 Member
    I've been vegan for a few years now, anyone can feel free to add me :blush: I'm not very good at documenting what I eat on this site, but once I get my pay check I'll get a kitchen scale and try harder.
  • ashlynslosingit
    ashlynslosingit Posts: 4 Member
    I have been vegan for almost three years. Add me! It won’t let me add you 😰
  • giliankissane
    giliankissane Posts: 1 Member
    I'm vegan too πŸ€ Add me!
  • DaddieCat
    DaddieCat Posts: 3,670 Member
    Decade long vegan.

    You should try the groups, too. Happy Herbivores is by far the most active vegan group that I've found.
  • Lynnew83
    Lynnew83 Posts: 32 Member
    I'm vegan
  • mtsprout
    mtsprout Posts: 20 Member
    Happily vegan for 12 years!
  • heidipatterson100
    heidipatterson100 Posts: 55 Member
    Vegan athlete. Add me!!!