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  • Looking at that container I'm realizing how big my salads actually are, I need to take a picture lol :)
  • I've been maintaining my weight and better health markers for 6 years now (so almost 7 years into the process at this point). I haven't spent any money on any extras except for a cheapy food scale and a floor scale. My suggestions: -learn how CICO actually works and realize that weight loss, gain and maintenance comes down…
  • How do you transport it? My lunch salads are the size of a mixing bowl, I'd have no idea how to bring it out of the house, unless maybe I just plastic wrapped the top of the bowl?
  • I know for me being a sahm gives me full access to my kitchen all the time and makes prepping salads pretty easy-it would be challenging to fit my lunch salads in a lunch bag/bring it someplace. Maybe that's what the OP meant?
  • I try and get in a serving of beans every day, which is a good source of protein. Shrimp is a good one too (I buy the cooked/peeled 'salad' shrimp and throw it in salads or just eat it cold with cocktail sauce :) ).
  • Sugar is just a sub-set of the carbs category. Many people edit their diary to replace tracking sugar with fiber.
  • Please report back! I was trying to read through the Lancet report but I was confusing myself, numbers and maths are not my strong point :p
  • Macros ratios don't matter for weight loss, calories are what counts. As long as the veggies shake isn't causing you to go over on your calories it's all good :)
  • To store produce I highly recommend rubbermaid fresh saver containers-they're a bit pricey but are amazing-I've saved so much money by using them!…
  • I usually have a mixing bowl sized salad 4-5 times a week, (also a sahm, it's my go-to lunch). My current mix is- 3 cups spinach/spring mix mixture (I buy them separately at Aldi and then mix them in my fresh saver containers) 1 serving protein (1/2c canned beans or 3oz salad shrimp or 3oz canned chicken breast) 4-5 mini…
  • Yep, I've cut back on my spinach intake because of this, (I was eating 4-6 cups a day). And I'm similar to you-I'm not a big sweets person, but give me a package of Asiago cheese bagels and a tub of cream cheese and I can easily go over my calorie parameters-and these have almost no sugar at all. Or Fritos, or a loaded…
  • Whole grains are really healthy so I'm not sure why you'd cut them out?
  • Back when I started this whole process I had to begin with where I was at, and that was eating a pretty 'unhealthy' diet full of regular soda, fast food almost every day, lots of 'processed' convenience foods, almost no vegetables and no fruit at all etc etc. So I continued eating similar to what I had been, but I learned…
  • Bad for you how? It has calories just like any other food so you'll have to account for that, but otherwise it's just a sweetener.
  • Nothing wrong with sugar, in any of its forms, within the context of a balanced diet and appropriate calorie parameters.
  • Usually I'm pretty skeptical when it comes to doctors pushing a certain way of eating, however a quick google search shows his credentials seem pretty decent- MD, George Washington University School of Medicine[17] Board Certified, American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology[18] Fellow, American College of Cardiology[19]…
  • Dang, their menu looks amazing-road trip! :D
  • I eat a pescetarian leaning diet and never have trouble hitting my protein, what's your target? Do you eat dairy? Greek yogurt is a great protein source, as is beans (I aim for a serving of beans every day).
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  • I love clementines, but those can be calorie bombs because 1 usually ends of being 5 or 6 for me :p Last night I ate over 200 calories in them because I wasn't paying attention to how many I was grabbing-they're so darn good!
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  • My go-to snack is Wheat Thins, followed by green smoothies (with 0% fat Greek yogurt as the base), and then I just discovered Popcorners Flex protein crisps and the bbq option is amazing! 90 calories per serving with 10g of protein. It was by the 'healthy' chips/popcorn at the store.
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  • Found something new at the grocery store this morning and I'm in love....not sure how to categorize it though! PopCroners Flex protein crisps (bbq flavor, so good!). 1 serving has 90 calories, 2.5g fat, 12g carbs and then 10g protein (!), with 4g fiber. It's first ingredient is soy protein. I think I need to add an 'Other'…
  • 1/2c riced cauliflower, 1 serving-1/2 cup white rice, 1 steamers bag CA blend veggies, a protein (chicken, beans or shrimp), and then sweet n' sour sauce :)
  • I menu plan with a family that has different food preferences/food intolerance's/IBS etc. I sit down with the weekly ads (online), and my calendar, and just tackle one day at a time. There's a learning curve but it does get easier after you do it a few times.
  • The issue isn't the wine, it's your unrealistic expectations. With only 40lbs to lose you should be aiming for 1lb a week, which means you're pretty much right on track. Too rapid of weight loss can lead to all sorts of health problems. eta: I lost 50lbs without having to 'sacrifice' anything I enjoyed eating/drinking, I…
  • Yesterday I didn't track due to a busy day out, but I'm planning on having a solid DASH day today :)
  • Yep, I was going to recommend following a DASH style way of eating, which is usually prescribed by doctors for those with high blood pressure. OP, the NIH's website has all the information you need about what to eat. There's also a few of us who are following DASH and we have a thread going on in the Food section, feel…
  • I don't think it tastes like anything, weird! That's the reason why I don't care for it-don't want to waste calories on something with no flavor lol.
  • I've been at this whole process for 2,251 days now. 5 days is nothing in the scheme of things. Many people fail to maintain their weight loss after 2 years, most fail by the 5 year mark.
  • I'm a participant of the NWCR and I never include exercise in my surveys, it's such a minimal factor in my weight management plan. I'm trying to be more intentional about walking now, (since the beginning of this year), but when I factor out how much I'm actually burning it's pretty sad :p I do it for my health, definitely…
  • Just my n=1 but I've successfully maintained for 6 years now with very minimal exercise factored in. I average 300-400 calories a week, walking (winter months it's less). That's the equivalent of a couple weekend beers or a couple servings of cookies etc. In the scheme of things that's nothing. I manage my weight 99.5% by…