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  • KJ (Kelly)[/quote] I used to see son on Facebook, or it would show he's been online, but that was back in 2020. I haven't seen hide nor hair of him, and his Facebook page has no updates. Yesterday I sent my second email letter to him. Hoping he reaches out to that. Its his one that is designated to him on board, so if I…
  • Congradulations! I know the right one makes all the difference. Do you have anything special planned?
  • Pip the floors are lighter and brighter. How do you like them? I'd be worried about being able to keep them clean but I'm a mess. Heather Happy Birthday!! Rebecca - I'm sorry to hear about your son. Time really does seem to help. Keep reaching out occasionally though. When he's ready he might not know how to reconnect.…
  • Welcome Malyna, You can do it. Fresh starts are all about the new!
  • Exactly how I’m treating my DH. My DD in TN is getting married in January. I bought the ticket to get there. She has asked me to stay another 5 days to house/dog sit while they honeymoon. I said yes. DH is now angry and worried about the trip already. He is at the beginning stages of dementia and late stages of alcoholism.…
  • Janet so sorry to hear your family doesn't know how to behave in times like this. I ended up being the executer of my mothers very small estate and that was enough for me. I hope that you will not be stuck with those duties as well. My mothers whole estate was like $100,000 and the amount of ill will I had to deal with…
  • Katla - it is a hard position to be caring for someone who hasn't yet accepted they need care or that they impact you in ways they probably don't want to. No one wants to be a burden to their loved ones. I echo the sentiment you may want to look into at least temporary home care while you go see the grandkids Bananas -…
  • * hugs * Sue. losing a parent is so hard. Lisa great job cutting out the sugar and congradulations on the weight loss.
  • Yea I can't do Keto. Too much fat. at 40% carbs that is like 140 carbs so more than low carb. I use the Truvani as well. Have you tried the Crio Bru for the cocoa? I get the Mayan blend and really like it. Have they said 'how' they are rebooting the metabolism? By what mechanism? Make up. Not most days. I have roscea…
  • *Hugs* Sciatica can be very painful. I go to the chiropractor when I have Sciatica as for me it is a pinch nerve from misaligned vertibra
  • That sounds a lot like what I'm doing. I know you said you were doing something similar. Is the reboot mostly just low carb?
  • Rebecca I have suffered from vertigo in the past. It is so much worse than it sounds isn't it. *hugs*
  • Nice. I have been wanting to go red.
  • Gut Biome Kiz North Florida
  • Well caught up on the reading. Off to work. I did a little yesterday and starting earlier today so maybe I won't be up until 2 am this morning getting ready for tomorrow. 2 new kids added to my AP stats class sure 4 weeks in is a great time to start an AP class. Yes I can get them up to speed in no time. No they won't have…
  • Hey Sharon. I found that a low carb natural diet has worked wonders for me. I don't have high blood pressure but a while back my triglycerides were above 300 my total was around 200 and my HDL has been as low as 22. I eat mostly low carb but still eat plenty of fresh veggies I just don't eat like potatos very often. I eat…
  • I love vintage pinball. You know there is a place in Vegas that has several machines.
  • That's awful. I hope she finds peace.
  • There is no chance I'll make it to 67. If I'm lucky I'll make it to 57 or maybe 58. Right now I'm just trying to make it to Friday. :) Yes I switched into teaching from Engineering and took a huge pay cut to do it. I enjoyed teaching for a long time. Part of me still does. But this job they take advantage of you. I am…
  • I agree totally irresponsible of his company. Why even have a policy if you aren't going to follow it. Let's hope he isn't contagious anymore.
  • Oh just popping in for bit. I wish I had more time to write more. I certainly know there are so many that resonate with me. Allie - just hugs. Everything seems to be coming at you at once. Pip - keep up the good work! Beth - how much longer do you think? Flea - I'm glad there was shrinkage. Annie - I'm so proud you went.…
  • Yes Rita I found changing what I ate which was 'healthy' foods made me feel a lot better. Hope you get a good check up.
  • Tracey love the glasses Lisa how wonderful that your daughter was able to do that. Barbie thanks for always being here. Flea I hope the small lesions turn out ok. Kylie getting your training done is great. I know I'm falling down on my exercise with all my work.
  • A new month. Such promise. I am grateful for the opportunity to read so many people's journey. I am at work. I will be at work for many more hours and back at 8 am for a student conference. I am grateful for my students. They make the work worth it.
  • I sit here working at 2 am with school at 8am. The sheet audacity that they think I can do more.... Well I am going to have to find time tomorrow to call the real estate company. We own our old house that is just sitting. It has issues but I'm going to put it up for auction. With that money I should be able to almost pay…
  • Well I've been reading only can do a few shout outs but I do enjoy reading everyones life. Carol that is a long marriage. I hope to make it there one day. I"m only coming up on 28 on Christmas Day. RVRita I wish there was a way for him to see how his behavior is destructive. If you end up leaving he'll most likely be upset…
  • I'm trying to food prep for the week so I'm eating things like red peppers and zucchini as I chop and cook my quiche that me and hubby eat for lunch. Then I have about 6 hours of work to catch up on. Hubby chipped a molar today on our salad so tomorrow will be interesting. I'm laying odds that the dentist will want to…
  • Um yeah I was using a figure of speech. You pass them in your bowel which will be plentiful and liquid since you are taking epsom salts and been on a liquid diet. And yes it is 1600 calories a day. But it isn't a diet for losing weight it's part of the cleanse for the acid. That's why my last one I choose to do a fast with…
  • Ok Been so busy at work. Reading mostly but wanted to add the information a few have asked about. Gallbladder cleanse and more