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  • I’m glad someone else likes these. The dumbbell and six-pack modules got me through a year of gyms being closed, I added barbell & bodybuilding. It’s easy to jump among them from within the app. But you have to create and log exercises separately in each one, and there’s no single database to show combined progress. I…
  • I got a PASYOU adjustable FID bench from Amazon for lifting dumbbells at home when gyms were closed during COVID. FLYBIRD makes similar ones. I’m happy with it, it folds up nicely. I’ve used it for benching with barbells, but kept the weight light because it doesn’t have a rack.
  • I’ve been doing PPL followed by an active recovery day, then repeat. I use an alternate set of exercises for the repeat block to avoid monotony.
  • I plan on a Push-Pull-Legs-Recover-repeat, where recovery day is an hour or two of walk, bike, hike or run. I’ll take a full rest day when I feel that I need it, or if I can’t fit it in, which has typically been once every week or two. Every 6-8 weeks, I’ll take a break for 5-8 days from lifting after which I’ll tweak the…
  • I prefer podcasts in the gym, lately I like the Doors while out running.
  • Try RYSE (RYSE for logging gym workouts. It’s a supportive group.
  • Keep the weight low until you master correct form and range of motion. Aside from giving feedback, a trainer can also give you “hints” to get your body to concentrate on the right muscles during an exercise.
  • I just use a different app that logs to Apple health, which MFP picks up as generic strength training and shows as exercise calories to offset my food calories. I prefer a list of the exercises that I do, along with weight/reps/sets that I can follow during the workout. I can do this in MFP, but it’s tedious and is missing…
  • Do what works for you. Ignore the haters and find some positive friends. You’re doing great.
  • Maybe push-ups to replace chest press.
  • I did until the free subscription expired. It was ok for “you-tube-like” follow along workouts at home to make it feel like you’re taking a class. It’s not anything you’d bring to the gym. I hated their music choices, I wish there was a way to keep the instructors voice without the background tunes.
  • I listened for awhile. I’m not really a hater, but prefer Mike Matthews “Muscle for Life” for banter while I’m walking or working out. I’ve been through a few different podcasts, some were awful, some got too esoteric, some had promise and just faded away during covid.
  • I found a free one, it’s not much different from mapping out a route and timing yourself unless you personally know other participants. Personally, I’d find a few friends and do my own challenge, unless you find one with cool t-shirts or a worthwhile charity. Hopefully the real local runs will pick back up soon.
  • I find the exercise database lacking, and difficult to create a proper workout routine. There are other apps available that sync to the health app on iPhone, which is then pulled into MFP. But be wary of the calorie offset that it deducts.
  • You tend to lean forward when running or going uphill. So the first thing is to not set it to an incline. When using the bars, in addition to facing forward, pulling back from the shoulder blades while slightly turning his body from side to side should help keep erect.
  • check out ‘white broad-tip permanent marker’ to go over the raised lettering. If you don’t want to just go with black, color coding the different weights would be a nice touch. Red = 25 kg (55.1 lbs) Blue = 20 kg (44 lbs) Yellow = 15 kg (33 lbs) Green = 10 kg (22 lbs) White = 5 kg (11 lbs) Red = 2.5 kg (5.5 lbs) Blue = 2…
  • I just picked up a copy of ‘Bigger, Leaner, Stronger’ so I might give the Stacked app a try, since the workouts are pre-programmed.
  • The hardest exercise is the first push off your couch. Congratulations on day 1. Just do something every day, even a 15 minute walk to get you going.
  • There have been a lot of bots broadcasting Friend Requests, some of them with X-rated profile pics. When receiving FRs, vet them by seeing if they have a profile picture, if their diary is open, if they have other friends, If they include a note in the request, If they've ever posted anything and if you change your mind…
  • Runkeeper, Runtastic, MapMyRun all good. A lot of people use Strava, but I find it more of a social app. There are probably plenty of others just as good if you want to keep searching. I use MapMyFitness (same as MMR) because my friends use it and we can compare our workouts.
  • I do a similar routine using push-pull-legs-rest in an A/B sequence. The rest days are a 1-1.5 hr run or bike ride. The exercises aren’t completely different though, more like switching between dumbbell & barbell. Every 8-12 weeks, I take a week off, then switch stuff around. I’ve only been back to lifting for 2 years. I…
  • Seated curls, overhead press, bench press. Sit-ups, crunches, leg raise. There’s plenty you can do off your feet.
  • I looked at the FLYBIRD and liked it. I wound up with a similar fold-up adjustable FID bench by PASYOU. It’s not for lifting over 250 lbs, but fine for me. For its light weight, it’s sturdy and folds up nicely in my spare bedroom. As you can see, it does not have a bar to hold a barbell for chest press or squats - which is…
  • I’d say that Starting Strength is aimed at powerlifting, probably not what you’re aiming for as a beginner. Another book for women lifters is Thinner, Leaner, Stronger by Mike Matthews. Or most lifting apps include workout routines, some even with a suggested progression. Most start with 3 day full body, move to 4 day…
  • I set up my workout days in two sets - in the morning I alternate walk/run/bike/rest; afternoon lifting push/pull/leg/rest. So I do at least one every day. Sometimes if I’m sore, I’ll take the rest day out of order. Once every 8-12 weeks, I’ll take a rest week then change up my lifting routine when I get back.
  • The yappers that camp out on a bench and gab with whoever will listen to them. Get off the damn machines if you’re not lifting!!! Groups of 3 that take over the bench press rotating between themselves for an hour. I can adjust to work around equipment in use, but not if you monopolize it for an hour.
  • Usually I prefer free weights to machines for the reason that they force you to stabilize. But there are some machines that I find important to me. Barbell back squats are too dangerous for me, so I stick with a Smith machine. I can’t do pull-ups or dips with my own body weight, but I found a great “assist” machine where…
  • Logging helps, the big thing that worked for me was replacing foods: Soda -> iced tea or water Ice cream, cookies, cake -> yogurt, grapes, oranges Begin your meals with a salad, eat slower. Drink a glass of water before grabbing a snack. Also, exercise cuts your appetite as well as reshaping (it’s not only about weight…
  • For a foldable, adjustable bench I got PASYOU on Amazon. FLYBIRD is another good brand. It was worth it to go with Flat-Incline-Deciine (FID) bench rather that just a flat one. If you don’t need to fold and stow, there are more solid ones for the same price, typically around $100. You may find sales now that gyms are…
  • My free trial just ended, and I dropped it. I used the yoga and Hiit workouts to loosen up before lifting. For the most part, these are stand-alone “feel good” exercises. There’s no way to set a routine or do any type of progression, and (especially for yoga) I hate hate hate their background music. For $10/month, I’d…