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  • Thank you! The headaches came on this year after gaining some weight, started a new birth control and ya in NYC during a pandemic, so there are a lot of factors at play and probably too many for me to figure out the source, but they're getting less frequent so that's good. I figured out my sleep…
  • Interesting! My aunt has chronic migraines and can't really have much chocolate because it's a trigger. Food isn't really the trigger for me, but like you said- eating feels like the only thing that soothes it, but it's really not doing anything for the pain in the end.
  • Have the powdered creamer or half and half. I usually account for 40-80 calories (depending on how many cups I have) for my half and half. I can't do a black coffee later in the day but at 6 am I need that fat.
  • Thank you. I can't imagine having this pain every day. And who knows, these might not be as bad as a true migraine but they're enough to send me home from work and so I can stay in a dark room. I am sorry you had to deal with them for so long but that keto helped! And thank you for your encouragement. I knew this was a woe…
  • Yeah. I started in January. I don't use the scale so no clue how much I lost but my clothes fit better. Sucks to feel like I am starting from square 1 again but gotta do it!
  • Eh. If it happens, it happens. But you should understand the data and why you may only lose X amount of lbs that week in case you're the type to get worried about it. I prefer eating in a deficit for 3 months at a time or so, then taking a full diet break at maintenance for a week. It's controlled and helps me practice…
  • I struggle with bingeing in the evening. I do best when I eat my dinner late, even if that means I have to push through a little hunger at another point in the day (nothing drastic, just a little hold off). I also save 150 calories for a snack before bed . It HELPS, but if you're anything like me, it's a little trickier…
  • Boiled egg whites with a (big) side of chicken broth with mushrooms and spinach. I need to start doing that again. Otherwise I just eat a protein bar.
  • SAME! I got fit and lean years ago and piled on 20 lbs on my 5'4" frame. I knew exactly what I needed to do to get it off but I couldn't stick to it like my first time around. Even though I know what to do and it's not frugal, I hired a coach. I wasn't having success and I was too sad being that weight. Now I'm seeing…
  • Oooh I haven't had nooch in so long. Used to be a staple. Now I want some. I like it on my salads. I use La Morena chipotle sauce as a dressing when it's mixed with nutritional yeast it gets a thicker texture and that cheesy taste. It's great in eggs too. I also liked it sprinkled on cucumbers as a snack.
  • 5'4" AROUND 155 lbs (I don't weigh myself) BMI 26 Jeans: 8/28 Dresses: 6 Shirts: S/M
  • This isn't a fitness training app. It's a food diary. There are apps made for logging your logs. I like RepScheme a lot.
  • bahahaha I am surprised I have never done that lol
  • Peeing yourself while pulling sumo.
  • I'm 5'4" and when I'm 150 a lb of weight loss per week is NOT possible. I am "lightly active" and maintain weight on 1900 calories, so a 1000 calorie deficit is just not possible with our stats. You need to just slow it down, be consistent, and take your time.
  • Hi! Are you still in recovery? Speaking as someone who has ED behaviors, it's really hard to lose and recover at the same time. I asked a counselor once if she thought it was possible and she basically just told me to ask myself the same question and we talked about it a bit in group. Anyway, I digress. It's really hard…
  • I think that converts to around 240 lbs? 1300 is low for your stats anyway. With that extra 150 calories, if you are logging accurately and weighing food, you're still going to be in a calorie deficit. I weight 155 lbs and I have days ranging from 1400-1700 calories for weight loss.
  • My first go round, I did it alone and had great success. But like you, this time I just couldn't. I knew what I needed to do and I kept not doing it. I just went for it and paid for a coach, even though it seemed silly because I know what to do. Obviously not frugal. But I am MUCH happier and having success.
  • Ooh yes I have to save calories for that. I don't eat until 7:30 and feel like I need a nibble around 4:30 or 5:00. I'll save a max of 200 calories but lately I've been having two packets of miso soup, 35 calories each, made with a full two cups of water. It's really perfectly low calorie and holds me over until 7:00
  • I don't think so. I would pick a step level that challenges you a little bit at first and maybe increase it slowly. For me, I aim to be a "lightly active" person so I have a 7k minimum.
  • Calories. But directly under that, protein. I know I could lose weight in calorie deficit with any macro split, but I do enjoy the muscles and protein fills me up.
  • I know. Work makes it tough. A lot of therapist are working virtually now too though so it might be helpful with your schedule! I started dealing with my issues when I started logging calories on here years ago, actually.
  • Oh my god. Totally stealing this. I'm shedding my meat suit as well :smiley:
  • I use volumetrics but it also messed me up a bit. If I had to start over I wouldn't have cut my fat down so low back in the day. Now I look at a beautiful piece of salmon with a half serving of rice and veg and I won't eat it because it's not a GIANT BOWL OF FOOD. I think it's an odd food behavior and I can't really stop…
  • I just don't use butter. I guess if I did feel like I really needed it, I would pick the foods I like it on best and just use it or use a half serving. What foods do you feel you really need it for?
  • I struggled with disordered behaviors with food. I tend to fluctuate between 20 lbs every year and it's really embarrassing for me. I am also trying to lose weight again while working on my relationship with food. There is an ED facebook group that is REALLY supportive. DM me if you would like the name of it. I've also…
  • I've been working remotely the past few weeks so I can make Kodiak pancakes. I have them with a side of Greek yogurt, cinnamon, and Walden Farms pancake syrup. I've just been craving something sweet and warm for lunch lately.
  • Unless you are taking it straight to the dome from the packet, then yeah...if it's in water, it's water. This summer I wasn't tracking and I was guzzling crystal light. Now that I am tightening up my logging I am adding it because it is not calorie free.
  • Yeah. I drank and ate from March to September and I am back where I started years ago. I should change my profile pic but I can't let go. So...starting from scratch as well. It'll take me until about next September-November to reach my goal.
  • My boyfriend is pescatarian and I cook for him all the time. It can be pricey but you also have tuna. Do you eat eggs? Also, you might have to decrease your carbs a little to make room for protein in your calorie allowance. If I am going to eat oats, I make sure they are protein oats. Add some protein powder to them.