• I have worn some and they are great! There are bras for dresses like this at Victoria's Secret (Where I bought my own from) and I also do a lot of wide and narrow push ups to support the cause. I have had four children and I'm still a nice and perky 36 DD! No surgery or anything.
  • Could there be an underlying unaddressed issue? I'm normally the biggest horn dog ever but if my husband has really pissed me off, it's hard for me fire it up. It has to be really bad for me not to want to do him and I just had my fourth child a year ago. My libido is tied to my emotions and to what turns me on. Try…
  • You should try Appplegate uncured bacon. It has a lot less sodium, no nitrates, no steriods or antibiotics that could mess with your hormones and immunse system (like Turkey does) and it's organic.
  • Telling the wife accomplishes nothing but harm - and it will mainly hurt her, not him. Do not devote ANY more of your energy to this TAKER. That is what he is. No excuses you make for him are good enough. Even if he leaves her - don't take him back. If he cheated WITH you... he will cheat ON you. No - it will not be easy…
  • I do it sometime when I have gear on that has no pockets. These double Ds keep that Ipod in place with no problem!lol The only thing I don't like about my boobs is that I am always finding small bits of food in my bra....I know TMI, but does that happen to anyone else?
  • I had no idea what pain you had to walk through but it is a shining example of strength and resilience. I am so proud that you're my pal on here and I commend you on producing such excellence and a triumphant example for us to see! You did it!!!!
  • I"m in!! Just saw that I could order it on Itunes(thanksGG) because I couldn't find it in the store. So it's on!!!
  • I'm thinking of doing this on the 28th of this month.
  • I want to do this as well!
  • There is an exercise that triggers your transverse abdominals (they wrap around your back to your stomach and act like girdle to pull your stomach in) try planks and different versions of planks. These will suck your stomach in. Drink plenty of water so that your skin in moisturized. Lift heavier weights so that you can…
  • Matter of fact, I'll add the whole week cycle to what I'm doing, every day this week!
  • In it to get it! I'm going have to start later this evening, but I will keep trying until I can do 50 in one set without stopping. Thanks for the challenge!
  • If you have cable go to the fitness on demand channel, it helps when you have a 6 minute break to get up on a workout and go for it. You can do it!!!! I put reminders in my phone so that I make sure that I work out at least four times a day and that they are intervals. Whatever else I do is icing on the cake! I have four…