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  • I like Diesel, tastes good.
    in Protein Comment by Sapporo January 2020
  • I just tried extra firm tofu mashed up with some tumeric and pepper, added a bit of nutritional yeast and cooked it like an egg scramble. had sauteed garlic, red onion and cremini mushrooms with it. Check out different pastas that fit your macros, they have chickpea pastas and some protein pastas, make a cold salad with…
    in Vegan Comment by Sapporo January 2020
  • For 5'9" that could be right depending on what you put your daily activity level. The taller you are gets you more calories.
  • Muscle is good, would love to look like Nicole Wilkins (not contest prepped, her normal look) one day. I know most men think that is gross but I don't care. However, personally I don't find women who have that much muscle attractive. I prefer the larger lower body without the shoulders and biceps being noticeably muscular,…
  • Doesn't replace spaghetti but spaghetti squash is good. You can treat it like spaghetti because it shreds into spaghetti likeness, add tomato sauce to it and some ground beef/turkey or crumbled sausage. It's good roasted with garlic too, toss with olive oil, onions and peppers.
  • I don't like losing my boobs, so far I have gone from DD44 to a C36 (and I can tell I could go down to 34 already but just don't want to :( ) However, my butt is actually getting bigger the last few months as the rest of me gets smaller. I lift heavy on the dead lifts and squats, and do weighted walking lunges. Loving…
  • Considering my cats really don't give a crap about me (newsflash people: cats are indifferent to humans, someone feeds them and they like them just as much as they ever liked you), sure I would. I would miss them but knowing they don't care would make it okay.
  • I like Nike Free Fit 2's. I get them from a Nike outlet store so they are only $60. I see them listed as running shoes on some sites but they absolutely suck for running and are perfect for weightlifting, particularly deads and backsquats as they are flat and very light, almost not even there. They keep me stable and I…
  • I wish I had those bad genes! I would call that being very lucky. Weight lifting for over a year now and not bulky yet. I have gotten much smaller though.
  • 40 min of walking, an hour of weightlifting
  • I have never declared it in a post on here before but now that you mention it, I don't want to be skinny. Seriously, eff that crap. To me skinny means scrawny and weak. My ultimate goal is to be in the low end of the BMI overweight category and below 20% body fat. Operation She-Ra is in effect for this girl. :smiley:
  • I guess 170lbs.... not sure how this is supposed to help you?
  • Pineapple, hot peppers, and green olives. Some feta added too, on top of the mozzarella.
  • You're too nice. Just tell them you have decided that it isn't for you.
  • Ugh. No, no, no! Gifts should never have strings attached. Her Mom should have no say at all regarding what the OP spends her own money on. If she has a problem with it then she needs to rearrange the arrangement going forward. The $100 is hers? That is so messed up. If it were her mom's $100, it would have been handed to…
  • No government mind control serum is getting into me!
  • Have you ever tried making your own pizza on a tortilla or a pita bread? It actually tastes better than what you are calling real pizza. Screw the calories, the 300 cal slices from pizza joints are usually cheap ingredients, greasy, and taste alright at best. I make my own on pita bread with a variety of real cheeses,…
  • Daughter's middle name is Éowyn, a character from Lord of the Rings.
  • Movie version of Hawkeye from the Avengers. Mine will have a baseball cap though because I don't know what else to do with my long hair.
  • I don't go as low as 1200 but do 1400 on some rest days. 2 meals and a snack works for me, start eating as late in the day as possible and have one meal of about 600-800 calories, usually the last of the day. You pretty much have to troubleshoot it for yourself as some people can't adapt to my way and there is no way I…
  • I had the same problems you did. New shows fixed me and now I squat most awesomely. I got Nike Free something other, there are all sorts of lifting shoes. Another thing that helped is I hung out squatting and went from bottom up instead. Practiced being down there with chest up and weight on my heels and standing up from…
  • I think you shouldn't care if he reads your email. You shouldn't be hiding anything. Be an open book, say go ahead... read my whole computer, whatever, I have nothing to hide, take me or leave me for who I am. Then you'll have no problems. He may or may not take you up on the offer but even he does, he'll get bored and not…
  • Never heard of hip dip before this post. The pics posted of it are awesome. I actually prefer hip dip, I think it looks hot. Rock that!
  • Intervals of running and walking work just fine. Your running intervals will get longer and the walking will be eliminated. Jogging isn't necessary.
  • I run 3-4 days per week, used to do C25K. The other days I do weightlifting, started that when I was 250lbs, now I'm around 210lbs. There is no such thing as so large you don't need to lift weights. You don't need weight lifting but it isn't because of size. You can just do pushups, situps, burpees and that kind of stuff…
  • Only personal anecdote here, but with weight lifting regularly, I can get away with more accidental binges not affecting my weight and eating more overall with still getting smaller in clothing sizes, than eating less and not lifting weights. This did not kick in until about 7-8 months of weight lifting but it is pretty…
  • I was bored to death until Batman showed up. He saved the movie for for me but overall it was still pretty meh.