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Does anyone have any simple vegan recipes? Or know of a vegan hot chocolate drink please X :)


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    There are plenty of vegan recipes on the internet, I'll be having leftover aloo mutter this evening. As far as hot chocolate, I would heat up plant based milk of your choosing, vigorously wisk in semi-sweet chocolate chips (read the label to make sure they're vegan), and pour it in a mug.
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    Hi, I cook a lot of Vegan foods, but mainly based on legumes and veggies. For example, I will make up a pot of black-eyed peas and add Roast pumpkin, spinach and cooked with ginger, garlic, cumin seeds, coriander. Then top with fresh coriander.

    I think looking on the internet is a good start.
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    Use any hot chocolate recipe that uses unsweetened cocoa powder and sugar, and substitute plant-based milk for dairy milk (and plant-based margarine for butter if it calls for butter).

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    I use a lot of recipes by Vegan Richa ( goodle her or look up on Pinterest) and have both her cook books.

    Many of my meals centre around beans like chickpeas either as burgers, falafel or in some kind of tomato based curry/ stew.

    For chocolate, I use 70% supermarket brand chocolate which is normally vegan which I blend into granules and add to the milk frother with steamed soya or almond milk. I have a hot chocolate maker but it's basically just a rebranded Dualit electric milk frother. You can do it in a pan but it's slower
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    Currently drinking a vegan hot choccy!!! I used unsweetened soy milk as it’s all I had, but the best is oatly barista oat milk (or any oat milk). And the Cadbury drinking chocolate (check the back!) is vegan:) roughly 150 calories
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    I just tried extra firm tofu mashed up with some tumeric and pepper, added a bit of nutritional yeast and cooked it like an egg scramble. had sauteed garlic, red onion and cremini mushrooms with it. Check out different pastas that fit your macros, they have chickpea pastas and some protein pastas, make a cold salad with Italian dressing and add chickpeas or any beans that you like.
    Lentils sub into many recipes as well, use them for any shepherds pie instead of the beef or in a loaf.
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    Pinterest is your friend
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    Thank you everyone for your replies. Will be trying out the suggestions X X :)
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    Most Pataks curry jars are vegan (Balti, jalfrezi etc.). They’re great with sweet potato and chickpeas. Also shop bought onion bhajis and veg samosas are often vegan 🌱 We had vegan chilli tonight, bell peppers, onion and garlic fried until soft, added 2 x tins of mixed taco beans, a tin of chopped tomatoes, a veg stock cube and a sachet of hot chilli con carne spice mix. Blend a third with a hand blender for a good texture
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    That’s such a good idea to blend some to thicken the sauce ! Why didn’t I think of that 😁