What is a good vanilla protein powder?


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    Good is variable. Depends on what you want.

    I want the most protein bang for my calorie buck, and it has to taste good.

    I use Optimum Nutrition.
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    I second the Optimum Nutrition shout
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    Yeah, you're going to have to experiment a little.

    Is there some reason why you can't get most of your protein from regular food? I find protein powder to be really expensive and although I do buy it I only use it a couple times per week if/when I've missed my protein goal for some reason.

    I buy the Simple Truth store brand from Kroger. It's inexpensive, doesn't have a lot of carbs and doesn't use artificial sweetener. I only use it in smoothies.
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    In a lot of grocery stores or health food stores you can buy the protein powder in single servings. That's what I did, at WF, and I taste tested to find one I liked best (I don't care for some of the ones that seem to be popular here, like ON and Quest). It's more expensive for the serving, but worth it to avoid buying a bin of something you won't be able to consume.

    I don't use protein powder anymore, and you definitely don't need it, but it can be helpful in adding protein to some breakfasts or as a snack.
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    This is my favorite protein powder, though I prefer the chocolate flavor:

    I like Quest bars, but I do not like Quest protein powder. However, it's really personal preference. I bought sample sizes of a few brands before settling on one. Some "health food" stores also have protein powder in the bulk bins, so you could buy just a little to try it. There is also unflavored protein powder if you'd prefer to buy that and add your own flavoring.
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    Will you be drinking it plain?

    In smoothies, I prefer unflavored, unsweetened powders. My favs are Garden of Life and Dr. Forest. Both are vegetarian.

    For regular drinking, I use Optimum Nutrition Gold (whey) because it mixes well, doesn't have stevia*, and includes the lactase enzyme (for lactose intolerance). I recently bought Rivalus Rival Whey because it meets those same requirements; however, I find it a little too sweet.

    * Stevia does not agree with me.
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    I like Diesel, tastes good.
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    NicbPNW wrote: »

    Shakeology is a pretty poor source of protein compared to most protein powders.

    I've seen lots of protein powders that seem to come in at around 120 cal for 25 g of protein. Shakeology has 160 cal for 17 g of protein.
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    I don't use protein powder on a regular basis, but I've tried a few brands. The only one I really like is Bluebonnet. It's a whey protein isolate and is unfortunately pretty pricey. When I buy protein powder, that's the only one I get. The extra cost is worth it to me bc it never goes to waste since I like it.

    Experimenting with the single serving packs at the supermarket is a great way to find what you like. I did, and I didn't like any of them. :D So back to Bluebonnet I went.
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    I like Isopure creamy vanilla ...I mix it with vanilla almond milk, frozen berries and sometimes raw spinach
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    I really like Quest. Again, it is a little pricey. I think it is worth it. I have tried many protein powders and I like this the best. Their other flavors are tasty tooQ